Rolling Stone Has Included A BTS Album Among The “50 Greatest Concept Albums of All Time”

Rolling Stone magazine has included BTS in their list of the 50 Best Concept Albums of All Time. On October 12, an American publication released a list of the 50 best concept albums, covering everything from “classic rock to R&B to punk to hip hop.”

According to Rolling Stone, concept albums are those “records that define music at its most ambitious” because they feature “thematic albums, tied together by particular moods or interconnected songs” and “require listening to a record all the way through.”

The magazine then chose 50 albums that fit this description. The album needs to be theoretically cohesive and musically excellent to get it high on the list, Rolling Stone said. Michelle Hyun Kim lauded the ambitious concept of using concepts from Jungian theory “to build a complete portrait of ‘[the members’] genuine selves'” on BTS’s 2020 album “Map of the Soul: 7,” which debuted at No. 25 on the list.

“Before BTS, few pop idols had sought to articulate the discomfort that comes with maintaining such a conspicuous public person that is usually not truthful to the ‘real self,'” Kim wrote. But with heartbreaking compositions like “Black Swan” from Map of the Soul: 7, the Bangtan guys ripped open their stage veneers, exposing their fame-fueled insecurities with penetrating reflection.

All the best to BTS!

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