The Rookie of the Year is Chosen by a Panel of 33 Industry Experts

Rookie of the Year: The news organization News 1 polled its audience to determine the rookie of the year. The results of News 1’s poll to determine the rookie of the year were released on the 17th of December.

Thirty-three professionals were asked their opinions, and the respondents represented various entertainment companies (JYP Entertainment, Jellyfish Entertainment, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, RBW, WM Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, and more).

The experts were given a list of debuting idol groups from this year and instructed to select two. The winning brand was NewJeans with 29 votes, followed by IVE with 16 votes (21 votes). With 10 votes, LE SSERAFIM finished in third place. One vote was cast for each of ATBO, NMIXX, and TEMPEST.

The Rookie of the Year
The Rookie of the Year

For choosing NewJeans as the rookie of the year, experts commented:

“They left a lasting impression on the general public by refraining from the usual conceptual approach.”

“Reconstructing Y2K aesthetic appealed to teenagers and 20-somethings.”

“They are true rookies without any member re-debuting, and their songs come before the members.”

“Their debut was sensational, and their team color and music stood out.”

For choosing IVE as the rookie of the year, experts commented:

“They best reflected what today’s pop culture tries to convey with their unique concept and storytelling.” 

“They produced 3 mega-hit songs in a row as soon as they debuted.”

“They are not just popular among children. They are iconic in that they lead gen z trends as well.” 

“They won the war of the rookie girl groups.”  

For choosing LE SSERAFIM as the rookie of the year, experts commented:

“Each member has their storyline. Along with their powerful choreography, they were able to get their names out to the general public.” 

“They show their ambition and confidence in their songs which is fascinating.” 

“Despite the negative issue, they came back with two hit songs.” 

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