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Ruthless Season 3: Check The Storyline And Cast Here!

Most, if not all, television series are terrified of the thought of being cancelled. There’s little doubt that the axe will be brought down, but when will it do so? We have the most up-to-date information on whether Ruthless will be cancelled or renewed according to our network sources and insiders. You can keep track of the progress of “BET TV programme Ruthless!” with our convenient cancel/renew tracker.

If Season 3 of Ruthless is not renewed it will be the third season. In addition to being the show’s creator, writer, and director, Tyler Perry is also a producer and writer for the show as well. On BET+ in March 2020, the spin-off of ‘The Oval’ debuted. When Ruth, a Rakadushi religious sex cult member, becomes caught up in a web of her own creating, she realises she has no way out.

Until she and her child are rescued, all she can do is hold on to hope that things will turn around. When it comes to moral dilemmas, the heroes of Season 1 are constantly forced to walk a delicate line between what is right and wrong. In the event that a third season is planned, it is only normal for fans to be interested in learning more. Do you have an opinion?

Ruthless Season 3 Premiere Date

Ruthless will premiere on BET on March 19, 2020, and will be followed by the second season in 2019. The show’s 12th episode will premiere on June 4, 2020, at 9 p.m. EST. The thirteenth episode of “Ruthless” will be released on November 26, 2020. After the last episode of the series aired on January 28, 2021, it came to an end.
In the next year, on January 6, 2022, the last episode of Season 2 debuted. Ruthless season 3 has not been announced at this time. As of right now, it has not been renewed or cancelled. This page will be updated whenever we get more information.

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Ruthless Season 3 Plot With No Mercy

During the first three episodes of The Oval, Ruth Truesdale (Melissa L. Williams) abducts her daughter Callie and forces her to join her and the sex-crazed members of the Rakudushis cult in a backdoor pilot. Ruth is highly regarded in the Rakadushi faith.

She was awarded the title of “Elder” by the cult in recognition of her involvement in punishing her closest friend, Tally, for being a member of the deviant faction.

Although she was welcomed into the position of Elder, she had to be gang-raped in front of The Highest by seven high-ranking cult members, including Andrew and Dukhan.
After being gang-raped, Ruth and Tally’s closest buddy chose to quit the cult.

The Rakadushis are led by “The Highest,” played by Matt Cedeo. The Supreme Being is distinguished by his long hair and his white attire. An attitude of calm and openness permeates his demeanour.

To conceal his criminal record as a serial murderer and child predator is the goal of this manoeuvring. The medications he administers cause newcomers to lose consciousness and their memories, allowing him to sexually assault them. His addiction to drugs extends to him as well.

Cult leader Dikhan (Lenny Thomas) is the Highest’s right-hand man and a senior member of the organisation. Everything that goes occurring on the cult’s property is under his strict supervision…. Despite his beautiful appearance and commitment to The Highest, Dikhan may be invasive and rigid in his treatment of others.

Dukhan and The Highest have been in a relationship for twelve years, according to the seventh episode of Season One.

Bisexuality is a trait possessed by Dukhan. For a long time, he’s been having an affair with Ruth, but he’s also been attracted to Lynn as well (Nirdine Brown). Ruth enlists Dikhan’s assistance in planning her escape from the cult, but Dikhan has developed feelings for Ruth.

It seems that Ruth is truly pregnant with Dikhan’s first child, as stated by Dikhan himself. Given his relationship with the Almighty, he is required to keep his feelings for Ruth a mystery. This also violates the rules of the cult, according to the author. Dikhan and Ruth are viewed with suspicion by The Highest when he smells Ruth’s soap on his body.

Dikhan feels intimidated and jealous as a result of the Highest’s adoration for Andrew and River. In the cult, Dikhan is reviled by everyone. The Highest is informed of the cult members’ wrongdoings, and Dikhan often advises and punishes them.

It was an undercover FBI agent, Andrew (Blue Kimble), who joined the Rakadushi cult before ultimately succumbing to its views and becoming one of their most senior members. Andrew and his wife, Sarah, are the parents of a boy named Andrew III.

After joining the church and becoming a devoted disciple, he had a sexual connection with Tally (Yvonne Senat Jones), a member of the Rakadushi sect, which was strictly forbidden by the faith’s rules. The attraction that Andrew has for Tally leads to her being pregnant..

Tally is completely unaware that Andrew is a married FBI agent who also works as an undercover spy in the same organisation. Andrew is a devout follower of the teachings and practises of the Rakadushi sect.

However, Tally is continually pulled between her moral principles and her feelings for him, and he too is regularly torn between the two feelings.

Last Lines-

Tally starts to have doubts about Andrew’s commitment to her after finding that he was one of the seven men responsible for Ruth’s gang rape.
Dikhan, who was head over heels in love with The Highest and had shown his devotion to the religion by having a sexual encounter with The Highest once, was particularly enraged by this development.

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