School Live Season 2: Is There Any Possibility For A Sequel?

It’s a manga series from Japan. Nitroplus is the series’ creator. Sadoru Chiba is the series’ illustrator. On May 24, 2012, this psychological thriller slice of life was broadcast. Masaomi Ando is the series’ director.

For this series, a large number of producers collaborated. Kei Fukura, Asuka Yamazaki, Takema Okamaro, Satoshi Fukao, and Sugi Kubota are the members. Susumu Kayamori composed the series’ music. Season 1 has a total of 12 episodes.

School-Live Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of ‘School Live’ premiered on July 9, 2015, and ended on September 24, 2015. The anime’s first season was so highly received that the show’s source material, which had previously been obscure, became extremely popular after its release.

The manga’s 12th volume will be its final installment, it was just announced. Now, the anime’s first season only spans 6 volumes, implying that the number of volumes left for adaptation is ideal for a full new season. As of now, it appears like a second season is extremely likely.

However, we won’t be able to guarantee anything until the Studio gives its final approval. Let’s only hope that by the end of the year, an official announcement will be made someplace.

Until then, keep an eye on this section because we’ll be updating it as soon as we have any confirmed information about the ‘School Live’ season 2 release date.

School-Live Season 1 Recap

Yuki Takeya is a happy high school student who lives on campus and participates in the school club. Kurumi and Yuuri Wakasa are her buddies. The city has been overtaken by zombies. The pandemic has spread to the high school, and many kids and instructors have fallen prey to it.

Yuki misses school for a few activities, but her friends look after her and keep her from becoming ill. She thinks everything is fine and that her professors and classmates are fine. Megumi Sareka learned about the outbreak from her mother and Yuuri, and she saw a shift in the city and its environs.

Later, Yuki organized a vacation that was plagued by outbreaks in all of the cities. Then they summoned a survivor, Miki Naoki, who learns of Yuki’s delusions.

But it was also a hallucination, for there was no real Megumi, only Yuki’s imagination. She then learns about Megumi, who gave her life for her studies. Yuki’s shock resulted in Megumi and the other classmates surviving.

Miki discovers her hallucinations and tries to make sense of everything Yuki has provided. Yuki and her classmates discover a safe that contains information on the outbreak at their school.School Live Season 2

School-Live Season 2 Story

The Zombie Attack was a very popular incident in Season 1, thus it may be continued in Season 2. Miki is also interested in learning more about Yuki’s illusions. Miki may learn the solution to Yuki’s delusions in the second season.

And while the Zombie onslaught left a huge mess in the city, the series’ hero may discover a solution to solve the problem and preserve their city.

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School-Live Season 2 Characters

Yuki Takeya was played by Inori Minase. A bright and lovely young lady who is constantly enthusiastic about school activities and new experiences. She became mentally ill as a result of the Zombie outbreak, and in her mind developed an illusion of herself.

She thinks everything is fine, but it’s all in her head. She was unable to deal with the current circumstance. Kurumi was Yuki’s buddy and worked as Ari Ozawa, a twin-tailed girl. For the school, she was dispatched on a risky mission.

She had a shovel wrapped around her in a Zombie attack to protect herself. Luci Christen takes up the role of Yuuri Wakasa. During the zombie apocalypse, Yuuri was the only girl who was able to keep track of food, electricity, and lessons.

Throughout the series, she plays the role of an older sister and a strong young lady. Riyo Kiyohara took on the role of Miki Naoki. Mii Kun was her nickname. She is a bright young lady who is interested in learning more about the Yuki delusion.

Megumi Sakura was played by Ai Kayano. A school’s teacher and mentor. After the season, it was revealed that she was merely Yuki’s fantasy. Ikumi Hayama provided the voice of Akiko Kamiyama.

All of those actresses, as well as a slew of others, contribute to the series’ popularity.School Live Season 2

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School-Live Season 2 Trailer

On January 19, 2019, the series and season 1’s first trailers were published. This series will also be renewed for a second season very shortly. Because the series’ production has yet to begin, there is no information about the season 2 trailer.

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Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, there has been no news or announcements regarding the prospect of the second season of School-Live. Fans have even started a petition to get the studio to launch a second season. So, why are we still waiting for Season 2 of School-Live? Is it due to the content of the source material?

Because the manga is no longer being published, the studio does not need to worry about keeping up with the source material. The first season adapted the first five volumes of the manga, so Lerche will have plenty of material for School-Live Season 2.

Furthermore, the first season of the anime had some unique stuff, so the studio shouldn’t be concerned about running out of ideas.

A one-volume manga sequel is also planned, which could be incorporated into School-Live Season 2 or turned into an OVA. For the time being, fans will have to wait for an update from the studio regarding School-Live Season 2.

In the interim, fans of the School-Live series can see the live-action adaptation of the manga, which was released in early 2019.

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