‘Selling Sunset’ Season 4 Release Date Status, Cast, Trailer, And All Update 2022!

Returning to the Hollywood Hills for the fourth season of “Selling Sunset Season 4” will be the Oppenheim Group’s agents. “Selling Sunset”Season 4 will see the Oppenheim Group returning to the Hollywood Hills. Los Angeles real estate agents will be juggling multi-million dollar deals with their hectic personal lives once again when the fourth season of Selling Sunset premieres in the fall. Check out our recap of Selling Sunset season 3 if you need a refresher on what happened during the third season’s drama.

In addition to Chrishell Stause and Christine Quinn and Heather Rae Young and Mary Fitzgerald and Amanza Smith who we know and love, there will be some newcomers to the cast as well. The good news doesn’t stop there. The Oppenheim Group will continue on Netflix for at least one more season, according to a statement from the streaming service. This reality show has at least two more seasons to look forward to! So far, this is all we have to go on. 

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‘Selling Sunset’ Season 4 Release Date On Netflix

Netflix has announced that the fourth season of Selling Sunset will premiere on Nov. 24. Everything has been wrapped up, and in May of the following year Mary Fitzgerald posted Instagram photos showing the cast filming at their Los Angeles headquarters.

‘Selling Sunset’ Season 4 Cast

There were rumours that some of the cast members would leave the show at the end of the previous season, but Netflix has confirmed that the likes of Jason and Brett Oppenheim, Chrishell Stause and Christine Quinn will all be returning. However, some members of the team, including Maya Vander, may not return. According to her comments to the press, “with two children right now, it’s going to be difficult for me to relocate my life again to LA,” she said last year. “My husband and I currently reside in Miami, and we alternate between the two cities on a regular basis. I was more accommodating, as was he, but his job is very demanding, and we’re expecting our second child soon. We’ll find out.”

Season 4 of Selling Sunset may be Christine Quinn’s final episode.

All I can say is that for a man, it’s a lot of work. Yes, it is. I’m telling the truth. As a result, there have been times when doing something else has crossed our minds. Now that I’m here, I really enjoy being a part of the family. That dynamic is appealing to me, but I believe it requires some time to heal and mend. My ideal workplace would be one where only women were employed.”

'Selling Sunset' Season 4 Release Date

‘Selling Sunset’ Season 4: Will There Be Any New Agents?

Some new faces are expected to appear on this year’s show, according to Mary. A few new agents have joined the team recently, as well, she revealed. “There’s a possibility… We’ve been trying to get Netflix and production to include some of our best friends on the show. In my opinion, it would be beneficial to have some fresh faces. They work for The Oppenheim Group and are extremely successful. Then again, I don’t know what they’ll decide on.”

For the fourth season, Netflix has confirmed that two new realtors will be joining the show.

Emma Hernan, who Netflix describes as “an entrepreneur with an interesting history with the ladies,” is the first newcomer to the Selling Sunset cast. In fact, it turns out that Emma works for the Oppenheim Group as a realtor. She is certain to be a huge hit with fans because of her unique transition into luxury real estate, her relationship status, and her dynamic with the rest of the team. Vanessa Villela, a Mexican-American novela star turned real estate agent, is Netflix’s second newcomer. In addition to her work as a realtor, Vanessa is a former model looking forward to sharing a glimpse into her personal life on the show.

What Can We Look Forward To In The New Season Of The Show?

There are hopes that Heather Rae Young’s new engagement to HGTV star Tarek El Moussa and their wedding could feature in the new season of the show.

Although she’s rumoured to be wary of following in Mary Fitzgerald and Christine Quinn’s footsteps by marrying, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for her! However, Tarek El Moussa will be introduced to the public for the first time. Because of his contract with HGTV, the star had previously been barred from appearing on the show. Christine Quinn, meanwhile, has announced the birth of her son, Christian Jr., in May 2021, so we’re eager to see how she handles motherhood. As with everything else she does, we expect her to do it magnificently.

No one is sure why the siblings decided to part ways; however, Mary Vander claims there isn’t any animosity between Brett Oppenheim and his brother Jason after leaving The Oppenheim Group. As a result of their similar personalities, she said, they “still work on some stuff together.” “They have a great relationship. Over there, there’s nothing to worry about.”

Is ‘Selling Sunset’ Scripted?

The actors in the show have admitted that it is not entirely scripted. Chrishell Stause, a real estate agent, shared the news on Instagram “They can occasionally prompt us to speak up, but what we say is entirely up to us. Anyone who claims otherwise should be avoided. It’s yours to keep.” According to Christine Quinn, the storyline about how she met her husband, Christian Richard, was “amped up” on This Morning. “A friend of mine introduced her to the man, and Mary “spun this story that he was a client,” she admitted. We dated for three months before buying a house together, but television is a lot of fun.”

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The Season 4 Trailer For “Selling Sunset”

Netflix has released a trailer for the fourth season of Selling Sunset, and it’s a keeper. As with previous seasons, this one is packed with intrigue and gossip, including the introduction of a new agent and a shocking twist when Jason announces that agent Emma will be taking over Christine Quinn’s desk. Netflix has also released a new trailer! Yes, as stated by the streaming service: “What are you waiting for, reality fans? There are numerous listings in this article. Personalities with a lot to say. Season 4 of Selling Sunset premieres on Wednesday, November 24th.”