Seven Boy Bands With Dual Leadership

Seven Boy Bands With Dual Leadership: In most K-Pop ensembles, one person takes the reins. The leader is the person at the head of the pack who holds everyone together. The leader of a group usually takes charge of making decisions, acting as a spokesperson, and resolving conflicts.

While most groups have a single designated leader, there are exceptions. There are groups that don’t have a designated head person. There are also organisations where two or more people are taking charge.

Co-leaders in such organisations divide up tasks and duties among themselves. Leaders are spread out throughout different groups in varying numbers.

We’ve compiled a list of all the current and former K-Pop boy groups with two main ring leaders.


Dark brown eyes are abbreviated as DKB. DKB is a boy band handled by Brave Entertainment, which also formed the group. The DKB is led by two of the group’s nine members.


They dropped their first EP, 2020’s Youth, and its lead single, 2020’s “Sorry Mama,” on the same day, February 3rd. Both the rap artist E-Chan and the lead singer, D1, are given equal authority within DKB. They divide and conquer, taking turns caring for the nine people in their group.


One of SM Entertainment’s most popular groups, EXO, is a boy band made of nine members. EXO, which debuted in 2012 with an initial lineup of 12 members, has since undergone several lineup changes.

On April 8, 2012, EXO released its first single “Mama,” and the group later split into two sub-groups, “EXO-K” and “EXO-M,” each of which featured six members. The following day their Extended Play “Mama” was made accessible.

Two of Exo’s members were chosen to serve as the group’s main leaders from the start. The leaders of EXO-K are Suho and EXO-M Kris Wu. In 2014 and 2015, Kris Wu, Luhan, and Tao quit the band. Since then, Suho has taken full control of EXO as a whole, and Exo has been performing as a single unit.


Key to the dreams of the next generation is what Newkidd represents. J-Flo Entertainment developed the boy group NewKidd, which now has seven members. On April 25, 2019, the band released its self-titled first single album to the public, with “Tu Eres” as the album’s lead single.

The group is led by a duo of heads. Two members of the organisation who were born in 2001 have been designated as leaders.


YunMin is Newkidd’s number two leader, with Kim Jinkwon at the helm. Lee Min Wook will be joining the group as a new member, according to a July 28 release from Newkidd’s agency.


WM Entertainment’s ONF is a Korean-Japanese boy band. In August 2017, the group released their first Extended Play, “On/Off,” marking their formal debut. There are now only six members of the group as Laun, the youngest, left in 2019.

There are two groups making up the whole group. Separate teams of “ON” and “OFF” members. Each team has its own particular leader. Team “OFF” is led by J-US and Team “ON” by Hyojin. They are both the senior members of their teams and work together to head ONF.


TREASURE is YG Entertainment’s youngest and largest boy group. On August 7, 2020, the band released their first official single, an EP titled The First Step: Chapter One, which featured the song “BOY.”

On its first outing, TREASURE was spearheaded by a duo. In a group, the eldest members, such as Choi Hyunsuk and Park Jihoon, are the ones who should be given leadership roles.

On the day of their debut, Treasure held a press conference and revealed that they had been urged to have two leaders inside the group. As a consequence, Jihoon and Hyunsuk were picked as TREASURE’s leaders.


Pronounced “Up Tension,” Up10tion is a boy band signed to Top Media, a Korean entertainment conglomerate. Up10tion’s first EP, Top Secret, was released in September 2015 and featured the single “So Dangerous.”

For the group Up10tion, which has ten members, the oldest member, Jinhoo, holds the position of leader, with Kuhn serving as the group’s co-leader. After a brief hiatus, on October 12 Up10tion returned with seven original members.


Younite is a new boy band from Brand New Music with nine members. The word “younite” is a contraction of the phrase “you and I: we are connected.” Younite released its first album, titled “Youni-Birth,” on April 20, 2022.

Eunho and Eunsang are both indispensable to the group and both are qualified to serve as its head. The voting process was initially used to select the leaders. For each month, the leader was chosen from among the top three vote-getters.

The corporation eventually settled on having two managers oversee everything. Because of their ages, Eunho and Eunsang should take the helm.

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