Shadow of new Cultural Revolution splits Chinese media – 02/09/2021 – Nelson de Sá

It began on Sunday (29), when journalist Li Guangman, from the Maoist website Chawang, published on the WeChat platform the article “Everyone can feel that a profound revolution is on the way!” in China.

He listed signs that would go “from the suspension of Ant’s IPO to the proposal to take the path of Common Prosperity”, with income distribution, “and to the recent chaos in the entertainment industry”, with cancellations of several celebrities.

He said that, among other consequences, “public opinion will no longer be in a position to worship Western culture.”

It echoed on Chinese social media but garnered more attention when websites from the PC’s People’s Daily to the state-run Xinhua agency republished it — echoing Bloomberg and Western agencies. Li himself found such repercussions strange, according to the report of the China Media Project, a website about journalism in Hong Kong.

Then came the opposite wave on Thursday (2), led by the editor of the Global Times, from Beijing, also linked to the PC, Hu Xijin (above), using his profiles on WeChat and Weibo, the latter with 24 million followers. It was echoed by sites like Guancha, from Shanghai.

“I’m concerned that this language evokes certain historical memories and triggers a degree of ideological confusion and panic,” wrote Hu, referring to the Cultural Revolution.

Commentary by American journalist Bill Bishop in Sinocism, Washington’s main newsletter on China, part of Substack: “I’d love to know what’s going on.”

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