Shetland Season 8 Release Date, Cast And Release Date!

Shetland Season 8 Release Date: When DI Jimmy Perez left Shetland at the end of season seven, this cherished police drama was almost certainly doomed. Fortunately, the BBC still believes in the show enough to have renewed it for an additional season, even without the lead actor, who has been with the show for the past nine years.

In addition, the BBC was gracious enough to inform us of this extension before the season seven premiere, allowing us to avoid worrying about the show’s future in the wake of Douglas Henshall’s departure. But what does this imply for Shetland’s future?

Without Jimmy, how will the show continue? Most importantly, who will take up Henshall’s lead role? Join us at Digital Spy as we you all the information you require regarding Shetland season eight on the BBC.

Shetland Season 8 Release Date
Shetland Season 8 Release Date

Shetland Season 8 Release Date

The BBC indicated that filming for these new episodes will begin at some point in spring 2023 when Shetland’s season eight renewal was announced, so the program will likely return to our screens later that year.

Shetland Season 8 Cast

When Jimmy’s abrupt departure was first revealed, Douglas Henshall released a statement about it: “He and the location will be missed. I wish everyone involved the best of luck with the upcoming events.” Gaynor Holmes, the executive producer for BBC Drama, continued, “We will miss him tremendously.

But he departs the program in good health, and we are very enthusiastic about our plans to continue providing this beloved drama to audiences worldwide.

Henshall confirmed in a different interview with Radio Times: “Knowing they’re filming the eighth series when I’m not there will be strange. It won’t be the same show I was in, but I hope it works out, and I wish them luck. They will need to create an entirely new show.”

Since then, the BBC has announced that a new lead would be introduced, much like other programs like The Bay and comparable ones. Who, though, could it be? Tosh, who Alison O’Donnell portrays, is the most obvious option. The time is right for Jimmy’s right-hand woman, who has been there from the start, to move up and succeed her mentor.

DI Fraser Brooks, portrayed by Brian Ferguson, is another name that has been mentioned. He is a newcomer to Shetland, but this may make a lot of sense from a narrative standpoint. Fans are aiming high with more choices, such as Martin Compston from Line of Duty, but at this point, that’s probably just wishful thinking.

Whatever transpires, we do know that Maggie Kean, played by Annika Rose, and Duncan Hunter, played by Mark Bonnar, have both permanently left the program. And although the BBC hasn’t officially announced who will be coming back, the following seems like a safe bet:

  •  Alison O’Donnell as DS Alison ‘Tosh’ McIntosh
    ● Steven Robertson as DC Sandy Wilson
    ● Lewis Howden as Sgt Billy McCabe
    ● Angus Miller as Donnie
    ● Conor McCarry as PC Alex Grant
    ● Anne Kidd as Cora McLean

There are rumors that Julie Graham will return to the role of public prosecutor Rhona Kelly. We are still in the dark regarding the casting of Erin Armstrong and Lucianne McEvoy. Whatever happens, one thing is for sure: there will be many guest stars bringing new issues for the authorities to deal with.

Shetland Season 8 Plot

Although Shetland has long made hints about Jimmy’s departure, we didn’t find out the specifics of how he would leave the program until the very last episode of season seven. In the end, Jimmy did the right thing by saving a man from execution and extradition, but not at the expense of his career.

In the final scene of season seven, Jimmy says to Rhona, “If the last thing I do is help an innocent man, I’m good with that.” Jimmy’s work as a detective comes to an end at this point.

It’s reasonable to say that fresh episodes of Shetland will begin with introducing a brand new protagonist, along with the typical cases that viewers have grown to love over the past nine years, even though we’ll probably never learn what’s next for him and Meg.

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Shetland Season 8 Trailer

We may anticipate fresh footage for Shetland’s eighth season to be released in the summer or possibly even in the early fall of 2023, with filming scheduled to begin in spring. For developments, be sure to return here frequently.

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