Shocking!!!Sanditon Season 2 Brings Colbourne and Lennox’s Rivalry over Charlotte to Head

Sanditon Season 2 is drawing to a close, SandiFans! In last week’s episode of Sanditon, Alison (Rosie Graham) was shocked to learn that everything Captain William Carter (Maxim Ays) had told her was a lie. As soon as Alison accepted his marriage proposal, she jumped up in the canoe they were in and promptly fell overboard.

It is unfortunate that Carter’s stories of saving 50 drowning men are not his, and the poor soldier (who can’t swim) couldn’t jump in to save her lest he drowns. Thanks to Captain Fraser (Frank Blake), the fair maiden was saved from certain death. A

llison was angry at both men – Carter for lying to her the whole time and Fraser for standing by idly without saying a word. After she took a dip in the lake, she was soaked, and cold water ran down her face.

The penultimate episode of the Sanditon Season 2 will reveal whether or not Alison forgives the men for their deceit. Or do they each ask for forgiveness?

With her rose-colored glasses off, will Alison be able to distinguish between those who truly care for her and those who don’t?

We have only two episodes left to find out, so let’s hope she realizes it fast! Throughout the episode, Colonel Lennox’s (Tom Weston-Jones) and Alexander Colbourne’s (Ben Lloyd-Hughes) rivalry over Charlotte (Rose Williams) comes to a head. Charlotte must decide whether to believe Colbourne’s word about Lennox’s past or dig deeper with her employer and uncover both sides of the story.

A relative of Georgiana’s father seeks to nullify her inheritance, which leads her to make a decision that will impact her future.

The manipulation of Esther (Charlotte Spencer) by Edward (Jack Fox) takes a dark turn this week. Clara (Lily Sacofsky) will offer him assistance with his manipulations or will she aid Esther? Esther is distraught and depressed when she wonders why she hasn’t heard from her husband, Lord Babington (Mark Stanley).

Tom’s (Kris Marshall) woes surface when Arthur (Turlough Convery) tries to help him. Masterpiece’s Sanditon Season 2 premieres new episodes every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on PBS and can be streamed with a subscription to PBS Passport.