What is Shoujo Anime? 14 Most Popular Shoujo Anime Of All Time!

A look back at the top 15 shoujo animes in ten years, according to IMDb. Shoujo anime has come a long way in the previous ten years. What IMDb calls the greatest movies ever created. Fans have come together behind some of the greatest shows and movies of all time as anime’s popularity has risen gradually over the last decade All kinds of anime, including shoujo, are included in this category.

In addition to the titles on this list, there are a plethora of more that are deserving of your time and attention. Do not be fooled into thinking that all Shoujo anime is sexy. In terms of genre, there is some crossover with other subgenres including romance, adventure, and even horror.

What is shoujo anime?

Shoujo manga (sometimes spelled shojo) is geared toward women. “Shoujo” is frequently translated as “girl,” but it is more accurately referred to as “young lady,” which is what it really means. Shoujo is intended for girls between the ages of seven and ten and up to the age of eighteen.

Thus, they could range from tales about naïve girls to tales with more mature themes. Joshi, redisu, and redikomi are the feminine counterparts to shounen, or boys’ manga, which is the male equivalent to shoujo. Both male and female manga fans like reading shoujo manga.

Shoujo flicks are getting better as anime gets more popular and more diverse. It’s much easier to compile a comprehensive top ten list of the finest anime from 2010 to 2020 now that the decade has officially ended. Recently, there have been major additions with a fair mix of new animated series and continuations or prequels of earlier ones. There have been notable additions in recent months.

Boom into You

Her love for Boom Into You manga began as a child and she has been waiting for someone to show her how much she means to them. There’s nothing she can do about it when a student proclaims his love for her publicly. After meeting Nanami, a girl who just rejected a suitor with such self-assurance that Yuu chooses to seek her counsel on how to deal with rejection, she realize why she hasn’t behaved in the way she expected. As a surprise, she learned that Nanami would be breaking the news to her.

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Blue Spring Ride

Blue Spring Ride, which was released in 2014, tells the story of Futaba, a 12-year-old girl who fell in love with Tanaka in middle school. After Tanaka’s transfer, their relationship came to an end. Until he abruptly reappeared at her high school, Futaba had nearly completely forgotten about this boy.

While Tanaka has changed a lot since their previous encounter, the two of them must find a way to connect again. The Big City Greens Season 4 premiere date has been pushed back to the end of the month.

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Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama

As the school’s first female president, Misaki Ayuzawa feels obligated to uphold the school’s standards. “Demon President” obtains the nickname for her harsh Aikido training-based discipline when she becomes president.

Misaki, on the other hand, has a dark secret of her own to conceal. As a part-time employee at a maid cafe, she helps her family out financially. The school’s most popular student, Takumi Usui, regularly visits the same cafe. While watching this anime, you’ll see how he uses the facts regarding this school’s deadly student body president.

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 Angel Beats

Otonashi discovers one day that he has died and has no memories of his life up to that point when he wakes up. Remembering and learning from the tragedy they’ve endured is a prerequisite for reincarnation.

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Your Lies in April

A one-season anime series based on the manga series Your Life in April aired from 2014 to 2015. After a horrific experience, pianist Kosei was unable to play any more. This is the story of how he came back from the brink of death. His phobia of performing will be conquered thanks to the quirky musician.

The praise that can be given to this anime is simply insufficient. It’s an emotional rollercoaster, and the music and graphics only add to that. Preparation is key. You’ll need tissues for a number of situations.

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Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

One of the flowers we saw that day was cr one final favour, five youngsters who were once close reunite. Although it’s set in a grim world, this anime manages to be humorous. Comedic elements are sprinkled throughout this group of long-lost friends’ encounter. It’s possible to watch the full season in one sitting if it’s raining outside. The series is brief, but the stories are well-crafted and don’t feel rushed; the ending perfectly sums everything together.

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Fruits Basket Season 2

Fruits Basket has been renewed for another decade because of its success since its debut in 2001. Future Fruit Basket 2nd Season episodes will focus on high school friendships and the maturing of characters. As a result of the lunar zodiac, people take on diverse animal characteristics.

The focus of these episodes is on Tooru Honda’s interactions with Kyou and Yuki. Ahead of the Eternal Banquet, the friendships of the young friends are fraying and tensions are rising. Every sign of the zodiac is required to participate in the banquet.

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From Up On Poppy Hill

Everyone knows Hayao Miyazaki is a towering genius who has made countless outstanding films throughout his career. As expected, From Up on the Poppy Hill is an excellent movie. These students are fighting to keep their high school from being demolished in order for Tokyo 1964 Olympic preparations to go as planned on their campus.

The story is heartwarming and visually stunning, and it sends a tremendous message of positivity and hope. From Up on Poppy Hill is a must-see for fans of Miyazaki’s work.

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Banana Fish

Unlike the conventional Japanese high school, Banana Fish offers a unique perspective. The lives of a criminal gang are shown in this New York City-based animation. When Dino Golzine was a young man, he raised his son Jade Callenreese as his own man and now runs his own crime syndicate. It’s all he can say when his brother gets back from Iraq: “Banana Fish.”

Jade’s investigation into his brother’s unusual utterance is even more bizarre, as Dino sends a horde of thugs to his pub. Since it first debuted in a manga magazine, this anime is categorised as shoujo.

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Waiting In The Summer

An expert in dealing with youkai, Takashi Natsume first appeared in this series, which premiered in 2008. Spirits and beasts from the beyond. It is Madara, a lovely kitty cat, who serves as his constant friend and personal guardian.

After a brief separation, Takashi is kidnapped by a wicked bunch of youkai. Majority of the plot revolves around the Wolf Spirit’s plan to rescue his human servant. Natsume is forced to face his demons from the past, both literally and metaphorically.

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I Want To Let You Know That I Love You

We see the trials and triumphs that a group of teens go through in this film as they deal with love and all that comes with it. ” As soon as Natsuki realises that Yu isn’t reciprocating her feelings, she quickly dismisses it as a joke, but two of her other friends convince her that she is in love with Yu.

When it comes to affections for Natsuki, Koyuki is torn because of his timidity and his steadfastness in agreeing. As a result of the influx of new feelings, the group’s dynamic will be altered. You’ll be reminded of the awkwardness of first love when you watch this anime.

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Yona Of The Dawn

The romantic Middle Ages are the setting for Akatsuki no Yona, a shoujo anime. Fans of Game of Thrones and other fantasy novels will like the story’s magical, fanciful, and action-packed features.

It is Yona, the princess of the mythical realm of Kuoka, who takes center stage in the narrative. When her father is slain and her cousin ascends to the kingdom, Yona suffers a horrible experience. Is it possible that an ancient legend may help Yona overcome her inexperience and return to the throne?

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Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun

When Chiyo Sakura meets Umetarou Nozaki, she falls head over herself in love. As Nazoki misidentifies Chiyo as a fan, he offers to sign an autograph, but Chiyo declines, saying that despite Nazoki’s misperception, she still wants to be with him. Upon learning that Nozaki is a popular shoujo manga creator, Chiyo becomes astonished. Finally, she accepts the position of his personal assistant…

In search of an anime with characters who share your enthusiasm for anime? Look no further than this list! Then you’ve come to the right place!

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Naho Takamiya is astonished to receive a letter ten years after she last saw it. It’s impossible to doubt the letter’s legitimacy, even though the events of the day are described in great detail in it. In retrospect, Naho’s future self wishes she had made the proper choice sooner, especially with regard to the new pupil.

In time travel fiction, having solid foundations is essential, and Orange has them. This is a well-crafted novel with lovable characters who make it hard to put down.

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