The Show Me the Money 11 Winner, Announced by Mnet

Show Me the Money: On December 30, the concluding episode of Mnet’s hip-hop survival competition “Show Me The Money 11” aired, selecting the winner of 100 million KRW (about USD 80,000)! The last four competitors, Lee Young Ji, Huh Sung Hyun, Don Malik, and B.L.A.S.E, battled on this day in a total of two rounds, getting votes from both the live audience and viewers at home in real time.

 Announced by Mnet
Announced by Mnet

In the opening round, Lee Young Ji performed “HUG” with Zion.T and Wonstein. In the second round, she played “Deja Vu” with her team’s producers, Jay Park and Slom. For round one, Huh Sung Hyun sang “See You!” with SOLE and R. Tee before singing “Way Up” with JUST HIS and CAMO. For rounds one and two, respectively, Don Malik performed “Original” with Xion and “Bathtub” with JUST HIS and MAMAMOO’s Wheein.

Finally, B.L.A.S.E performed “Diamonds” ft. LIL BOI for round two and “Chosen 1” for round one. The four rappers had incredible performances, lighting up the night with their vocals. B.L.A.S.E was named the fourth-place rapper for the season after collecting real-time votes, and Don Malik was called the third-place rapper.

Then, Huh Sung Hyun and Lee Young Ji moved forward to contend for first and second place. In the end, Lee Young Ji was declared the champion, making history as the first female rapper to do so since the program’s beginning!

Today, Lee Young Ji disclosed, “I encountered a ton of gifted rappers throughout this season of “Show Me The Money,” and I also constantly pushed myself to the limit. I still don’t think I’ve realized all of my potentials. My journey has only started.”

She continued, “Additionally, I think that all 30,000 contestants who participated in this season’s auditions, not just the top 4 rappers, should be honored for their efforts. From now on, I’ll try my hardest. I’ll release an album, I swear.” While everything is going on, the ‘Show Me The Money 11’ participants and producers will start a domestic tour on January 15 in Seoul.

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