Sicario 3: Is Emily Blunt Returning for the Finale?

The film Sicario was released in 2015, and the sequel Sicario: Day of the Soldado followed in 2018. As of now, Sicario 3 is in production, effectively concluding Villeneuve’s trilogy. Many believe Denis Villeneuve should direct Sicario 3 even though he did not direct Day of the Soldado.

Additionally, fans of the series also want to see Emily Blunt return as FBI Agent Kate Macer, who was not a part of Day of the Soldado. Due to Blunt’s key role in Sicario’s success (as demonstrated by how Day of the Soldado did not fare well) would be appropriate for the series to end with her character. As a matter of fact, a Forbes article noted how Blunt was “badly missed” in Sicario 2.

‘Sicario’ followed Blunt’s idealistic Kate as she aids a government task force in the war against drugs between the United States and Mexico. Sicario was unique in the way it grounded its narrative in Kate’s perspective despite following the drug war at the border like Day of the Soldado did.

The storyline for Sicario 3 can still include Blunt, which is still in development. The sequel hasn’t been officially announced, nor has a trailer been released, but Emily Blunt is expected to return. Let’s explore why.

It’s not too late for a New Development

Fans were disappointed upon learning that Emily Blunt would not be joining the cast of Sicario: Day of the Soldado, and we would not get to see more of her character. Screenwriter Taylor Sheridan revealed in an interview with The Wrap that he intentionally chose not to write Kate into the sequel as she had an established character arc. Her character was also unnecessary to the plot, so bringing her back would have been out of place. Despite that, Sheridan also noted that Kate’s story wasn’t entirely over, which would open the possibility of her character appearing in Sicario 3.

Alejandro (Benicio del Toro) survived a gunshot from Elijah Rodriquez’s character in Day of the Soldier, but it ended dramatically. After this, the film cuts to Alejandro after he has recovered from his ordeal and recruits Miguel, setting up the plot for the next installment.

In this way, Kate would be able to return to the stage and give the audience someone to root for. Considering everyone’s morality seemed skewed, and the audience couldn’t really root for anyone but Kate, Kate’s character served as a moral compass in the first film. In light of how naive she was in Sicario, it will be interesting to see how her experience with Alejandro affected her and the way she approached her work.

A Stronger Cast Would Result From Her Return

Currently, there is no definitive casting list for the upcoming sequel; however, we have some leads that are allowing us to make informed decisions about the line-up. The film’s producer, Molly Smith, has confirmed that she wants Del Toro to play the same role he did in the previous films. Josh Brolin and Jeffery Donovan are also expected to make a return – however, nothing has been finalized.

Bringing back Blunt’s character for Sicario 3 would allow us to see how she has evolved since the last film and whether any scars remain from the traumatic events she faced. There was a possibility of exploring her morality further, and she could be exposed to more extreme situations that would allow her to develop further. There is hope Blunt will return for the next movie, since her presence was a major selling point of the first film.

Fans Would Welcome a Return to the First Film

Of all the Sicario movies released to date, the original was the most well-received. Despite somewhat defying box office expectations, Sicario was a huge success at the box office and one of the standout releases of that year.

Sicario was not only a huge hit at the box office, but received several Oscar nominations as well. Despite the sequel’s success, it did not receive the same reaction from fans or critics as the original film, so it would make sense to revert to the formula that worked.

Emily Blunt’s inclusion in Sicario 3 could lead to many interesting plot twists that will please fans and make the film a more successful one, especially since it will be the last movie in the series.

There’s a good chance the sequel will pick up where the last one left off with Matt and Alejandro continuing their drug battles with higher stakes than ever. The character Blunt plays would add a refreshing covering to this while depicting a stronger link to the original film.