Sid Toy Story: What Happened During This? All the Info Is Here!

Sid’s fate is revealed in an Easter egg in Toy Story 3. Woody and Buzz Lightyear returned to Pixar’s renowned animation series for a radically different style of adventure in the third instalment. When Andy leaves for college in Toy Story 3, the toys are accidentally given to Sunnyside Daycare. Lotso Huggin Bear, the villainous teddy bear in charge of the enterprise, confronts Woody and his fellow toys here.

For Toy Story 3, Lotso was a wonderful adversary to add to the franchise’s already impressive list of baddies. Unlike Al McWhiggan and Stinky Pete, he exposed the evil side of toys that have been abandoned by their original owners. Toy Story, on the other hand, began with a totally different kind of antagonist. While Woody and Buzz’s antagonism occupies the most of the film, Sid, the strange youngster next door who enjoys Frankensteining toys, poses the actual danger to them and the other toys.

It was Sid’s last scene in Toy Story, when Woody and the other toys came to life in front of him, scaring him to death. It’s unclear in Toy Story 2 what happened to Sid following that terrifying moment, but an Easter egg in Toy Story 3 provides some insight. Some viewers could have missed Sid’s brief appearance in the film. As soon as Woody suspects that Andy’s mother has thrown away his other toys, he rushes to the trash to rescue them. Underneath his uniform, the trash guy may be seen wearing a black shirt with a white skull on it during this scene. Several years later, same trash guy is Toy Story’s Sid, who is still wearing the clothing he wore in his childhood.

Sid Toy Story

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Sid’s post-Toy Story existence is very briefly shown in the Toy Story 3 Easter egg, but it’s better than nothing. On the surface, being a trash guy may not be the most appealing profession, but Sid seems to be having a great time in Toy Story 3. Listening to music and picking up other people’s rubbish, the ex-Toy Story villain seemed to be having a great time. As a youngster, Sid had a propensity of trashing things, so it seems logical that he would appreciate something like this. As a result, he’s now being paid to go throughout the city and break trash cans.

Through his Toy Story 3 appearance, we learn more about Sid’s past and present. The fact that Sid works as a trash guy in the same area where he grew up suggests to us that he never left the city. It’s also feasible that he and his family are still living in the same neighborhood as Andy was in Toy Story 3, decades later.

Last Words-

He could not have gone to college at all, or he might be taking classes at a nearby community college to retain his employment and remain close to his mother and sister. It’s fantastic to have that small Easter egg in Toy Story 3, even though the movie doesn’t disclose much about Sid’s life. It shows how much care and attention Pixar puts into its movies.

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