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Sidhu Moose Wala, a popular Punjabi musician, and rapper who had joined the Congress before the Punjab elections were shot and killed. Moose Wala had run for the Mansa Assembly seat on a Congress ticket. With a margin of 63,323 votes, he was beaten by AAP’s Dr. Vijay Singla. Moose Wala, who hails from Moosa, a village in the Mansa district, joined the Congress in November last year amid considerable excitement.

After Congress granted him a ticket from the Mansa Assembly constituency, the then-sitting Mansa MLA, Nazar Singh Manshahia, turned against the party, stating that he would oppose the controversial singer’s candidacy. Sidhu Moosewala, a singer-turned-actor-turned-politician, was shot dead by gangsters outside his hometown in Mansa, Punjab, less than 24 hours after his security was removed by the government, police said.

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He was 27 years old at the time. When the perpetrators opened fire on the musician and his two pals, he was traveling in his vehicle. He was rushed to a neighboring hospital and pronounced dead. Moosewala, a native of Moosa village, made his electoral debut as a Congress candidate from Mansa for the February 20 Assembly polls, leaving behind his famed status as a prominent Punjabi rap singer with followers all over the world.

The singer-turned-politician, who loved to ride in an open jeep and had assets of Rs 7.87 crore, was facing four criminal cases, including two for obscene scenes, according to his nomination affidavit. Moosewala is no stranger to controversy. He caused a stir when he allegedly used the name of 18th century Sikh warrior Mai Bhago in his song ‘Jatti Jeonay Morh Di Bandook Wargi,’ prompting panic bodies to demand his arrest for injuring Sikh sentiments.

His security was removed yesterday by state govt along with 400 other people.

And govt had shared these names of these around 400 people on social media.
Blunder mistake of punjab govt

— Pradeep singh (@PradeepABCXYZ) May 29, 2022

He later expressed regret. On December 3, 2021, Moosewala, who was accused of promoting violence and gun culture in his song “Sanju,” joined the Congress. Moosewala’s successful songs include “Legend,” “Devil,” “Just Listen,” “Jatt da Muqabala,” and “Hathyar,” among others. In the Punjabi film Moosa Jatt, he plays the protagonist. His other video, Yes I Am A Student, is a story that highlights the difficulties faced by overseas students while also encouraging them to never give up hope.

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Many of his songs charted on the Billboard Hot 100 in Canada. “I’m not in politics for the glory or the adoration. I want to be a part of the system in order to change it. I’ve decided to run for Congress in order to give the people a stronger voice. I’m joining the Congress because the party’s leaders are from ordinary families “Moosewala, who came to Canada as an international student in 2016, said on the day he entered politics that he was inspired.

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