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Were There Any Signs of AliensTechnology ? Is It Possible That We Are Not Alone in the Universe?

Signs of Alien Technology

It’s time to look for extraterrestrials in a new approach, according to pioneering scientists. Project Galileo is a brand-new spacecraft that will scour the Milky Way and beyond for signs of past civilizations that may still exist. No matter if it’s a faraway megastructure or an alien probe like ‘Oumuamua, this evidence of extraterrestrial life will fundamentally alter our standing in the cosmos.

1. Megastructures Signs of Alien Technology

The energy requirements of an advanced alien civilization will rise in lockstep with our own. Freeman Dyson, an Anglo-American scientist, predicted in 1960 that extraterrestrials (ETs) would eventually desire to use their parent star’s complete energy output. It’s possible, he said, that they could do this by removing their asteroid belt and rebuilding it as a spherical shell around their sun. Additionally, the interior of the shell, which would be a huge surface area for living, would provide immense energy and surface area. An equatorial belt or a wide constellation of satellites might nevertheless capture enormous amounts of star energy, notwithstanding the Dyson sphere’s instability.

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The rules of thermodynamics indicate that the intercepted starlight will be radiated as heat radiation, or far-infrared, which may allow us to discover such a structure. Another possibility is that the light of a star will be obscured by several other objects in its vicinity, causing it to fluctuate dramatically. KIC 8462852, often known as ‘Tabby’s star,’ was a good example of this. Dust from our own Solar System has been found to be the cause, but other stars’ light may be fluctuating in an odd way, which would require megastructures in close orbit to be able to explain.

2. Industrial Chemicals Signs of Alien Technology

Extraterrestrial civilizations are capable of polluting Earth’s atmosphere in the same way that we do. These substances are not only capable of being detected, but they also have a clear source of origin. Starlight will flow through a planet’s atmosphere as it passes between its parent star and us, and light will be snatched away at specific wavelengths by atmospheric compounds. Astronomers can use this technique to learn more about the composition of the planet’s atmosphere. Prof. Avi Loeb, an astrophysicist, recommends looking for tetrafluoromethane (CF4) and trichlorofluoromethane (TCF) in these alien atmospheres (CCl3F). Refrigerants like these are the two most common chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). James Webb’s Space Telescope should be able to detect CCl3F and CF4 if they exist at 10 times the current terrestrial levels in 1.2 and 1.7 days, respectively,” says Loeb.

3. Light Sails Signs of Alien Technology

Interplanetary or interstellar travel presents the same difficulties for aliens as they do for us. A lot of fuel is required to move a spacecraft across space. However, if the spaceship’s power source is left at home, this issue will not arise. Robert Forward, a scientist at Hughes Research Laboratories in Malibu, California, proposed this plan. He proposed a laser-driven light sail in 1984. A solar-powered laser in the Solar System would propel a payload linked to a gigantic, ultra-thin sail made of reflective material. If a one-ton probe is linked to a 3km-wide light sail and propelled to 11 percent of the speed of light, it can pass by Alpha Centauri in under 40 years, according to forwarding’s calculations.

The Breakthrough Starshot program has lately resurrected this notion. Even though the project is still in its infancy, the ultimate goal is to fly by and image the planet orbiting Proxima Centauri using a 100GW laser array to accelerate a far more modest one-gram (!) cargo to 20% of the speed of light. In the event that extraterrestrials deploy light sails powered by lasers, humans may be able to detect the flashes of light when their lasers are activated and deactivated.

4. Wormhole Transport Systems Signs of Alien Technology

Wormholes could be created by a society that is technologically adept enough to affect space-time itself. Using Einstein’s theory of gravity, a galaxy may be spanned in the blink of an eye through these shortcuts in space-time. Wormholes are inherently unstable, requiring a monthly supply of “stuff” with repellent gravity and the energy released by a significant fraction of the stars in our galaxy to keep them open. Even though its gravitation is too weak to prop open a wormhole, we know such stuff exists because it is speeding up the expansion of the Universe as dark energy.

Using gravitational microlensing, it is possible to detect the existence of a network of wormholes. Gravitational lensing happens when a celestial object passes in front of us and briefly focuses the star’s light. According to Professor Fumio Abe of Nagoya University in Japan, if the item is a wormhole, the pattern of the star’s brightening and fading is distinct. “Detection might be performed by reanalyzing prior data if the wormholes have throat radii between 100 and 10 million kilometers, are tied to our Galaxy, and are as common as ordinary stars,” he says.

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