Are You Curious to See the Sin Kiske Release Date and Gain Information About Patch Notes?

Sin Kiske Release Date: In addition to the release date and maintenance time countdown for the new character Sin Kiske in Guilty Gear Strive, the patch notes for update 1.23 of Guilty Gear have also been made public.

Sin Kiske joined the competition after being unmasked on November 21 via a live-streamed announcement. Due to his rapid development, Sol was given this new character, who is a quarter Gear and the child of Ky Kiske and Dizzy. The specifics are now public knowledge, and the team will grow in size in a matter of days.

Sin Kiske Release Date
Sin Kiske Release Date

Sin Kiske Release Date

I’m curious as to when Sin Kiske first starts to have success in Guilty Gear. Sin Kiske, the newest playable character in Guilty Gear Strive, will be released on November 24 at 1:00 PT, 4:00 ET, and 9:00 GMT. All of the times given above have been verified by the game’s official Twitter account.

We will be performing routine upkeep on the server on November 23 starting at 23:00 PT. In the early hours of November 24th, between the hours of 02:00 ET and 07:00 GMT, we will be performing some routine maintenance.

These timings and dates apply to all PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Steam releases. The game’s official Twitter feed warned that there could be a delay because maintenance plans are subject to change.

Arc System Works has published a gameplay trailer for its upcoming fighter. The game’s character handbook also describes them as a “4-star Rush.”

Sin Kiske 1.23 Patch Notes

Below are the official patch notes for Guilty Gear Strive to update to version 1.23:

General / Game Modes

  • Added Sin Kiske as a playable character.
  • The character will be available after purchasing the “GGST Season Pass 2” or “Sin Kiske” DLC
  • items, both to be released on November 24.
  • Added Sin Kiske’s theme, “The Hourglass.”
  • Sin Kiske must be selectable in order to use the BGM.
  • Added avatar items for Sin Kiske.
  • The new avatar items can be obtained via “fishing.”
  • Added the following BGM to Gallery Mode:

“Ride on Time” (Sin’s theme from Guilty Gear: Overture)
“Communication” (Sin VS Ky theme from Guilty Gear: Overture)
“Just do it” (Sin’s theme from Guilty Gear Xrd)
The new BGM will be available in each mode after obtaining them via “fishing.”

  • Fixed a bug in the Steam version that caused an error when selecting “Network” mode while not connected to the network.
  • Fixed a bug in the Steam version that caused errors sometimes when multiple input devices were connected simultaneously.
  • Fixed a bug in the Steam version where under certain conditions some letters could not be input via keyboard.

Player Match

  • Fixed a bug in the Steam version where changed button settings would not be applied for certain functions in the menu while spectating a match.
  • Fixed a bug in the Steam version where a match could be continued after a disconnection when the connection was lost by a specific procedure.

Replay Theater

  • Fixed a bug in the Steam version that caused errors when selecting View List of Replay or Search options in the Replay Theater while not connected to the network.

Digital Figure Mode

  • Added items related to Bridget.

The new digital figure items will be available after obtaining them via “fishing.”


  • Chipp Zanuff
  • Fixed a bug with Gamma Blade that would disrupt the match when it hits during the Wall Break sequence.


  • Fixed minor bugs.
  • Fixed typographical errors in some of the text.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Sin Kiske In strive?

He may look older than he is, but he’s actually only nine years old and hasn’t reached full mental maturity. Since he doesn’t give much thought to things, he always sees the bright side. He is either nave or innocent, depending on your point of view. However, his childlike thinking style occasionally yields brilliant solutions to complex problems.

Why does Sin Kiske have an eye patch?

Sin’s heightened regeneration and magical skills are a result of his Gear heritage. Although his potential is praised by the show’s other characters, Sin chooses to keep his enormous abilities under wraps by covering his right eye with a patch.

Who is the strongest character in Guilty Gear Strive?

He is able to battle on the same plane as these genuine gods thanks to his “flame of corruption” powers and “Dragon Install.” Sol is also the strongest player character in the game when all other factors are considered.

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