Jimin Becomes the First Individual to Get Six Covers of a Single Issue of W Korea + Tops Best-seller Lists Globally

Jimin will be the cover star of the second volume of the magazine’s 2023 cover, featuring six possible cover versions, “W KOREA,” revealed on January 6! Since BTS announced the group would take a break last year so that the members could pursue their careers, fans were overjoyed by this news as they had all eagerly awaited Jimin’s solo endeavors.

In addition to Jimin’s dazzling graphics, which as usual, generated a stir online and threw followers into a frenzy, supporters were enthused by the magazine’s description of their idol, which emphasized his “beautiful dance” and “attractive voice” and referred to him as an “accomplished artist.”

Fans felt a sense of pleasure seeing how their musician was honored, and his influence in the industry was recognized. Jimin’s influence and authority were not just being acknowledged verbally, which made it more exhilarating.

The fact that there would be six different cover versions for this single issue speaks much about Jimin’s popularity and impact on the K-pop scene. This action by the magazine is noteworthy since it made Jimin the FIRST and ONLY person to receive six different covers for a single issue of “W KOREA.”

Additionally, unlike other significant publications like ELLE, GQ, and VOGUE, the magazine has never established an overseas shop for its last issues. For overseas admirers, an official shop link was made up on Amazon and eBay this time. Again, this indicated that Jimin was the FIRST and ONLY person to secure preorders for this magazine from abroad.

The journal was conscious of Jimin’s influence and power, domestically and abroad, and accounted for this in the publication and distribution processes. As a result, Jimin dominated Twitter trends by frequently appearing in lists of global trends and other trending topics.

Fans had a lot to talk about, including raving about his divine appearance, showing pride in his strength and influence, and much more. Additionally, the teaser video shared on Instagram became the most-watched teaser on the account, and the announcement tweet from ‘W KOREA’ crossed 102k likes to become the most-liked tweet on the bill since its creation.

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Additionally, one of his covers hit 1 million likes and became the most popular cover post on the account! Two of the most read stories on the “W KOREA” website included Jimin’s solo covers and his compilation of solo songs in advance of his upcoming solo album, taking the top two rankings.

Tops Best-seller Lists Globally
Tops Best-seller Lists Globally

It was impossible to deny the enthusiasm for the positive response to this cover. Everyone was rushing to get a copy of Jimin’s surface, as could be inferred from the excitement shown. All six of the bodies were in the top six spots of Aladin, one of the biggest online bookstores in South Korea, less than an hour after the preorders opened.

The covers quickly took over the real-time, daily, weekly, and monthly best-seller charts on the three largest online bookstores in South Korea—Aladin, Yes24, and Kyobo. Since preorders began, the orders on all three platforms remained constant for three days. Jimin continued to hold the top spots in several categories, demonstrating the tremendous demand for him in his home nation.

On the global stage, his popularity was no less pronounced. He also came in first place on the GMarket best-seller list for the Books/Music category, and for Japanese customers, he was the top seller overall on both the Rakuten and Qoo10 platforms.

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In addition, all six magazine covers had sold out on eBay in less than 10 hours after the preorder links had been published, and he was the top seller on the ktown4u marketplace.

Everything was in high demand!

Here are some opinions about the covers from fans and non-fans, including those of magazine editors, journalists, supermodels, fashion analysts, actors, actresses, and many more well-known people. Fans are eager to see more from Jimin in the upcoming year, beginning with the release of his next song, “VIBE” by Taeyang (ft. JIMIN), on January 13 at 2 PM KST, where he is also given credit as a composer.

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