Get Ready for the Return of Slow Horses Season 3 Release Date, Cast, and Plot Details!

Slow Horses Season 3 Release Date: Throughout two seasons, Slow Horses, Apple TV+’s adaptation of the popular Mick Herron book series, has successfully destroyed our faith in the country’s security services by demonstrating how heavily they rely on luck – and occasionally freak moments of competence – in the face of institutional decay, bureaucracy, corruption, and indifference.

Epic amounts of flatulence, mind-boggling overconfidence, and watching Gary Oldman talk with his mouth full more frequently than anyone should have been required of us. And so far, so good.

This is why we’re excited to announce that the fourth season of Slow Horses has also been confirmed. Production on the third season has already begun. Slough House is our purgatory as spies for the next two years, and we adore it.

Slow Horses Season 3 Release Date
Slow Horses Season 3 Release Date

Slow Horses Season 3 Release Date

Season one was released on April 1st, 2022, while season two followed closely behind in December (they filmed them back to back). We may anticipate season three to debut in late 2023 because most television series take around a year to complete before airing.

However, because the seasons were announced in the summer of 2022 and production began soon after, we’d like to think that fresh episodes will start appearing on Apple TV+ by the end of 2023. As soon as additional firm information becomes available, we’ll update this article.

Slow Horses Season 3 Cast

Without Jackson Lamb, who serves as the in-house tormentor in chief, Slough House would not be the punishment facility that it is. Gary Oldman assured the Kermode and Mayo podcast that he would continue to appear on the program for as long as they required him, so his presence is inevitable.

However, not everyone made it through seasons one and two. Thus, neither Dustin Demri-Burns’ Min Harper nor Olivia Cooke’s Sid Baker will be present (yet, book lovers are aware that her story is not yet finished).

Jack Lowden (River Cartwright)
• Rosalind Eleazar (Louisa Guy)
• Christopher Chung (Roddy Ho)
• Kristin Scott-Thomas (Diana Taverner)
Saskia Reeves (Catherine Standish)
• Jonathan Pryce (David Cartwright)

Aimée-Ffion Edwards (Shirley Dander) and Kadiff Kirwan (Marcus Longridge), who just joined the team, will also be returning. James “Spider” Webb, played by Freddie Fox, was shot after season two. Therefore, if he reappears, it will be a simple acting role for Fox since Webb is still in a coma in book three.

Slow Horses Season 3 Plot

Season three will almost certainly follow the plot of book three, Real Tigers since the show has stayed relatively true to its literary inspiration. (And Spook Street will be covered in season four.) In that tale, Catherine Standish is taken hostage by a former love interest who appears to harbor an unfathomable vendetta against the Security Service.

There’s more to the narrative than first meets the eye, of course, and it’ll be amazing to watch Roddy Ho ram a London bus head-on into a mansion if they follow the novel. There will be. It was revealed in June 2022 that the show would at least have a third and fourth season, which would be produced back-to-back like seasons 1 and 2.

The upcoming seasons will be based on the books Real Tigers and Spook Street, so by the time they air, the eight-part book series by Mick Herron will have been completed by the drama (although there is a ninth on the way).

Before the second season premiere, Lowden disclosed in an exclusive interview with that he would like to carry on portraying River and adapting Herron’s books after the currently confirmed third and fourth seasons.

When asked if he would be interested in playing the role for eight seasons and adapting each of Herron’s eight novels, Lowden responded: “I mean, as a fan, I want to see them. Of course, I want to see all eight seasons, and I believe Mick is now working on a new book. I would be thrilled to watch it as a fan.”

Since I’m the actor in it, it goes without saying that I would love to continue in the direction that River is going because we’re now filming season 3, and it’s inspiring where he’s going.” I can’t say anything about it, but there’s a broader story with River that I would love to see through to the end. If it’s going the way I think (since I haven’t read the books), I’d love to see it, so yeah.”

Slow Horses Season 3 Trailer

We regret that there isn’t a trailer available yet, but we’ll post it here as soon as possible. Enjoy the season two trailer for the time being to set the tone.

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