Smile Down The Runway Season 2 Release Date Status, Characters And More

Runway de Waratte’s first season was a success, and fans immediately began calling for a second season of Smile Down The Runway. Smile Down the runway’s concept would lead most viewers to conclude that it is an anime about fashion and other relevant topics. The truth, however, is much more complex. As well as addressing a variety of fashion-related issues, Smile Down The Runway also tells an uplifting story about two unlikely heroes who are steadfast in the pursuit of their goals.

Put Your Head in Your Hands and Smil It’s a slice-of-life anime series called Runway de Waratte in Japanese. It is based on the manga by Kotoba Inoya, which ran from 2017 to 2021. Anime director Nobuyoshi Nagayama adapted the manga for the Ezo’la animation studio. January 2020 was the debut date of Smile Down the Runway. After twelve episodes, it came to an end on March 28th of the following year. Since then, the show’s fans have been eagerly awaiting its sequel. What about the second season?

Smile Down The Runway Season 2
Smile Down The Runway Season 2

Smile Down The Runway Season 2 Renewal Status

The first season of the anime was well-received by audiences and critics alike. The show’s popularity was reflected in its high ratings and large audience. To top it all off, the show has amassed a sizable fan base that is clamoring for more seasons. There have been eight volumes published by the book’s author Kotoba Inoya since January 2020. It brings the overall number of volumes in the series to 22. As a result, it’s safe to say that they have plenty of material to work with.

So it’s evident that the series’ creators won’t be hindered by a shortage of material. As of now, no official announcements have been made regarding the continuation of Runway de Waratte; nonetheless, based on popularity and the availability of fresh episodes, it appears unlikely that a new season will be released very soon. As a result, Smile Down The Runway Season 2 is eagerly anticipated by the show’s legion of ardent followers.

Smile Down The Runway Season 1: Recap

According to the plot summary, Ikuto Tsumura and Chiyuki Fujito, two high school students with dreams of making it in the fashion industry, are featured in the film. To become a model and participate in Paris Fashion Week, Chiyuki aspires. Despite her slim and sensuous form, her dreams are mocked by others since she is too short. To become a fashion designer, Ikuto hopes to use his sewing talents. However, he comes from an impoverished household.

If you’ve got any sewing skills, Hazime Yanagida will hire you as a part-time employee at his fashion studio. As a means of providing for his family, Ikuto agrees to this offer. He wants her to pursue her aspirations despite her height, so he asks Chiyuki’s father for Ikuto’s help, as they are both students at the same school. Toh Ayano, a young fashion designer, and famous but shy model Kokoro Hasegawa, both of whom have height issues, join the group. Chiyuki and Ikuto must work together to achieve their goals.

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Smile Down The Runway Season 2 Release Date

However, this show will be renewed at some point in the future by its creators. This means that Smile Down The Runway Season 2 will be released somewhere around late 2023 if the production studio begins working on the sequel next year. This section will be updated as soon as the show’s renewal and launch date are confirmed. So, be on the lookout and keep the pressure on!

Smile Down The Runway Season 2 Characters

Ikuto Tsumura Voiced by Natsuki Hanae

Ikuto is a 17-year-old fashion designer who dreams of making it big in the industry. Because of his family’s financial difficulties, Ikuto has had to put his dream of becoming a fashion designer on hold. When he was a child, Ikuto helped his mother care for his sisters and did most of the housekeeping, deciding to forgo education in favor of working full-time and supporting his sisters financially. Ikuto begins working toward his goal of becoming a fashion designer after he befriends Chiyuki and gets a part-time job at Yanagida’s studio. In spite of the setbacks, he continues to support them and hopes to one day become a fashion designer for his family and Chiyuki. Later, Ikuto grows fond of Chiyuki.

Chiyuki Fujito Voiced by Yumiri Hanamori

For her father’s company, Mille Neige, Chiyuki, a seventeen-year-old model, is on the roster. However, despite her good looks, body proportions, and wealthy father, Chiyuki does not meet the height requirements to be a runway model. Despite this, Chiyuki hopes to represent her father’s firm during Paris Fashion Week and aspires to be a top model, despite her little stature and the opinions of others. As time passes, Chiyuki grows fond of Ikuto.

Kokoro Hasegawa Voiced by Ai Kayana

A first-year student at Geika Institute of Fashion and Bon Rouge part-time model Kokoro is a hardworking fashion designer. In high school, when she was scouted, she became less concerned about her height because of her shy, humble and meek nature of 181cm (5’11”). In spite of her talent as a model, Kokoro dislikes some elements of the profession, but her feelings of debt to her boss Igarashi and her lack of self-confidence prevent her from resigning.

Toh Ayano Voiced by Ryohei Kimura

At the age of 22, Toh is the adopted son of Mai Ayano, a prominent fashion designer who is also Ikuto’s adversary. He was raised as an orphan on the streets of France till the age of two. Toh, who studied fashion design and patternmaking at the Geika Institute of Fashion under the tutelage of Mai for more than twenty years, is regarded as the school’s most accomplished senior student.

Other Members

  • Hazime Yanagida
  • Kenji Fujito
  • Shizuku Naruoka
  • Yu Igarashi
  • Kaoru Kizaki 

Smile Down The Runway Season 1 Trailer