Smithfield Death, Whats Happened? Smithfield Get A Death Star?

What does it signify when a protester dressed as Darth Vader and with a sign reading “Expose Smithfield Death Star” disrupted Nathan’s hot dog eating contest?  With Joey Chestnut’s return to the competition, spectators were wondering who will triumph over him this time around. As Joey and other contenders had been competing, a protestor ran to the stage and interpreted the event.

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What Is The Smithfield Death Star?

If you were there, you would have seen a protester storm the stage while holding a sign that read “expose Smithfield Death Star.” However, it seems as though he was hiding the “S,” so only “Smithfield” was discernible. Sporting News reports that the protester was likely referring to Smithfield Foods, a controversial American pork producer and food processor headquartered in Smithfield, Virginia. A statement condemning the company for its treatment of animals had even been issued by PETA.

After it was reported that the company had been using gestation boxes on sows, the company made a statement promising to improve the treatment of animals in the production of its meat, as reported by VOX. Meanwhile, the “death star” mentioned in the text is a Star Wars allusion. Since the protester was also donning a Darth Vader mask, the allusion is hardly unexpected.

Who Won Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest?

Joey won the men’s division, and Miki Sudo took first place among the ladies. It was Joey’s 15th victory overall, counting his victory last year as well. Joey was ahead of the game and won again, despite having to pause for a time when the protestor took the stage. The grand prize for the overall winner is $20,000 and the category winners receive $10,000. If you come in second, you’ll receive $5,000; if you come in third, $2,50; if you come in fourth, $1,500; and if you come in fifth, $1,000.

Where Was The Contest Held, Exactly?

This annual competition takes place at New York’s Coney Island. Many residents of the city make the trip to see this show. This year, things were no different. People had a fantastic time as they joined together after the event went on with full intensity.