Experience Non-Stop Action in Solo Leveling: Arise, the Epic RPG from Netmarble

Solo Leveling: Arise: Arise’s playable demo being shown off at G-STAR 2022, we now get a more detailed look at the Solo Leveling game from Netmarble. Pre-registration for Solo Leveling: Arise has since closed. However, it should have only applied to South Korean citizens first. The more expensive items would be headphones and a boxed set of the web novel series.

Solo Leveling: Arise

You can select your top two characters to participate in a contest during a voting event. Netmarble’s previously announced action role-playing game Solo Leveling: Arise, which is based on the well-liked online novel series Solo Leveling, has unveiled a new promotional trailer and a playable demo at G-Star 2022, which took place from November 17 to 20.

The game is still being created and will soon be available for PC and mobile devices. Solo Leveling is a Korean online book series, or manhwa, created by Jang “Dubu” Sang-rak of Redice Studio and authored by Chu-Gong. In a futuristic future where people can develop magical talents and become hunters, Sung Jin-woo, an E-rank hunter, struggles to pay for his mother’s medical expenses.

Despite developing a reputation as the weakest hunter in the world, he often participates in dungeon raids and earns a decent living. Jin-woo accidentally accomplished a hidden objective after his group abandoned him in a problematic double lair, allowing him to take on the role of a “player,” which gives him the ability to complete quests, conquer dungeons, and improve his stats on his own.

Players can level up the characters and awaken them to their best hunter, while Solo Leveling: Arise maintains the same viewpoint as the original game. The game will include three game modes, including a “Story Mode” that shows Sung’s development, a “Hunter Mode” that lets you control hunters from different guilds and a “Time Attack Mode” where you have to beat the enemy swiftly, according to a recent demo displayed at G-Star 2022.

One of Netmarble’s strengths is its action role-playing games, and Solo Leveling: Arise is no exception. Its anime-inspired 3D graphics properly capture the flavor of the original, and the characters move about with responsive actions and flashy effects. You will need to switch between characters and utilize each one’s unique abilities to defeat the opponents on the field. Each character has four different powers.

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