South Korea Cultural Heritage Administration Honours BTS RM With a Plaque

South Korea Cultural Heritage Administration Honours BTS RM With a Plaque. RM, formerly known as Rap Monster, is a well-known member of the South Korean hip-hop group Bangtan Boys. His fans in South Korea commonly refer to him by the name “Rapmon.” His academic performance was outstanding because of his extraordinary intelligence.

However, he quickly became interested in rapping and decided to make it his career. Before joining the “Bantan Boys,” he performed as a solo artist and with a few local groups. He joined the “Bantan Boys” and soon became the major rapper/songwriter for the group.

BTS RM Honours with plaque
BTS RM Honours with plaque

Collaborations with famous Korean and foreign rappers have become viral hits online thanks to his efforts. He advertises a wide variety of products made in South Korea, including K’hawah coffee and various cosmetics.

He is widely recognised as one of South Korea’s most promising rappers, and his chat show, “Hot Brain: Problematic Men,” has made him a household figure there. Due to his popularity on social media, he now enjoys a sizable online following.

Recently, it was reported that RM, the leader of BTS, has been honoured with a plaque of recognition from Cultural Heritage Administration for his efforts to promote Korean culture abroad.

“Through his continued interest, affection, and appreciation for our country’s history and cultural heritage, this individual made significant contributions to the preservation of South Korea’s cultural heritage housed overseas and to the garnering of global interest in Korean culture.”

A piece of HWALOT from the Joseon era is on display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art thanks to a donation of 100 million KRW from RM to the Overseas Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation in 2021. (LACMA).

The Cultural Heritage Administration of South Korea will use RM’s latest donation of 100,000,000 KRW to fund the production of educational pamphlets about traditional paintings in South Korea.

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