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GSC Game World will release Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl, a first-person shooter. The fourth Stalker video game will be published in December 2022 for Microsoft Windows and Xbox Series X/S consoles, making it the first console Stalker game since the release of Call of Pripyat in 2009.

It was originally scheduled to be released in 2012, the year after Call of Pripyat was released, but it was cancelled the year before.

In 2018, the game reappeared, this time with a new release date of 2022 and a new production team using the Unreal Engine 5.

Stalker 2 Development

Development In The Womb

Sergei Grigorovich, CEO of GSC Game World, announced in 2010 that Stalker 2 would be released in 2012, with a release date set for the following year “We had no doubts about moving forward with development of a new major game set in the Stalker universe after the series’ official sales surpassed 4 million copies worldwide.

This will be the next chapter of the hugely popular game that gamers have come to rely on us to deliver on.” An all-new multi-platform engine, built from scratch for Stalker 2, was claimed to be in the works for the game’s production.

There had been a 75% reduction in the number of GSC employees throughout development due to frequent layoffs and general attrition. When Grigorovich made his announcement two years ago, it was likely owing to financial difficulties, as he cited “personal reasons.”

On December 9th, 2011, GSC Game World officially ceased operations. A tweet from the official Twitter account was sent “We’ll try our best to keep up the good work. In the meantime, there is no certainty about anything.” An update was provided on the project’s website after several months of uncertainty, stating that work would continue after the holidays, but that further financing would be needed.

Although the termination of this Stalker 2 build was formally published on the company’s Facebook page in April 2012, and said to have stemmed from conflict between investors, personnel, and the original IP rights owner, the game was never released.

Stalker 2

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Stalker 2 Video Game Center

At the end of June 2014, a Kickstarter campaign for a “Stalk.” sequel was launched by Eugene Kim’s West Games, a firm created by former GSC head developer Eugene Kim. As a result, this was widely derided and labelled a scam, as its trailer was entirely composed of footage from the original STALOCKER games and purported screenshots from the development of the game were revealed to be modified assets from the Unity engine’s “asset store,” which West Games claimed was “media-fabricated.”.

However, in July, due to alleged guideline breaches, Kickstarter permanently stopped the project, which had raised $65,000 on Kickstarter, $15,000 over than its original goal of $50,000. As a result of the cancellation of Stalker Apocalypse in December 2014, West Games first claimed to have turned to private funding, but then launched a considerably larger crowdfunding campaign on the Wfunder platform with a goal of $600,000 in December of that year.

Stalker 2 Revival

The Cossacks 3 development team at GSC Game World was relaunched in December 2014 after years of inactivity. Stalker 2 was introduced on the game’s Facebook page four years later, with a link to the game’s official website.Unreal Engine 4 was subsequently discovered to be used in the game’s development.

Although it was announced at a very early stage of development, it was still in the “design doc phase” when this build was announced. During a podcast interview, Grigorovich explained that the project’s introduction in 2018 was mostly a publicity stunt to get a publishing agreement for the game during E3 2018.

Only a complete gameplay trailer was released at the Microsoft/Bethesda press conference at E3 2021, when further details about the game were revealed. As a result, the new release date of April 28, 2022 has been set.  Updated to Unreal Engine 5 in August of 2021, according to the game’s creators.

Stalker 2 Release Date

Xbox Game Pass will include the game when it comes out. In addition, GSC Game World claimed that the game will only be released on Microsoft Windows and the Xbox Series X/S, and would not be released on any other platform.  As indicated by leaked documents from the Epic Games v. Apple case, this exclusivity is only set to last for three months following its debut. On April 28, 2022, Stalker 2 will be released in theatres.

Is Stalker 2 Coming To The PC?

Yes! For the first time, Stalker 2 is a “console launch exclusive” for the Xbox. Even if that’s a difficult sentence to understand, it doesn’t mean that PC users will have to wait. Basically, it implies that PlayStation owners will be without a way of accessing the game. On the official site for Stalker 2, it is said that the PC version will arrive at the same time as the Xbox version.

What Is The Story Behind Stalker 2?

Despite the fact that nothing is known about the plot, the game’s setup seems familiar. “Bounty hunters are drawn to the Zone’s treasures and secrets, which entice them to explore farther. A few of them are trying to escape their pasts, while others are driven by greed and a burning desire to uncover the truth.”

Last Words-

“Your decisions will affect both short-term effects and global ramifications,” according to GSC’s description of the narrative.

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