Star Wars Survivors Of The Fallen Order | How Do They Pick Up Where They Left Off?

What Happens To Cal Kestis When The Empire Attacks?

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and PC in 2023. Cal Kestis’ story will continue. Jedi: Fallen Order introduced us to a new generation of Jedi and Inquisitors, as well as one of the galaxy’s cutest droids. There has been a long gap between the stories of the two games: Cal and BD-1 appear to be in a precarious position in the first look at Survivor, which is set five years after Fallen Order.

As far as the players are aware, the Stinger Mantis crew, which served as Cal’s starboard home during the events of Fallen Order, is an important part of his life. Although we only see Cere, Greez, and Merrin in the show’s Survivor reveal, we can infer that things aren’t going well for them. A slow pan through the main hull of the Mantis, which has crashed on a desert planet, is all that can be seen in the trailer. One set of footprints seen through the cockpit window indicates that either Cal or another crew member escaped this crash on their own. However, the fate of the rest of the team is still unknown.

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It’s possible that the first desert planet we see is a familiar one, given that The Last Jedi: A New Hope introduced us to a number of previously unknown worlds. However, it’s possible that this is a brand-new world as well. If it’s a known location, it’s a safe bet that Tatooine will be mentioned. Inquisitors are expected to play a role in both Survivor and Obi-Wan Kenobi, so it makes sense that Survivor would take place at the same time. It’s possible that it’s Jakku, the prominent desert planet from the sequel trilogy. Jedha, the desert moon, could also be to blame. Besides the fact that the moon is a sacred and historically significant location for the Jedi, we also know that the planet eventually becomes a base of operations for someone Cal has previously had a connection to, Saw Gerrera.

Only a brief glimpse of the bleak situation Cal is in can be seen from wherever this planet may be. Some of the trailer’s main themes include slow pans of the character in the tank, a voiceover questioning Cal, as well as a fight between the two characters. As a starting point, let’s look at the latter and see how it ties in with the rest of the loose ends. In-Progress Games for the Star Wars Universe

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Without a Lightsaber… Once More!

Warning: This post contains plot spoilers! This article contains spoilers for the ending of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, so don’t read it if you haven’t finished the game yet.

The lack of the crew’s presence in the trailer is reflected in the reveal, where Cal is seen doing most of the work. Cal appears to lose his lightsaber during a fight with a masked figure wielding a red lightsaber. There is a strong sense that Cal is on the back foot, but EA has promised to expand on the lightsaber combat mechanics, so presumably, he won’t be without such a signature weapon for long in the series that has already delivered such great lightsaber combat. A trip to Jedha or another location known for its supply of cyber crystals could be in the works, as he visited Ilum in the first game to forge his lightsaber with a new type of cyber crystal.

Was that lightsaber worth it? Somehow, it ends up in the hands of a high-ranking Imperial official. A Stormtrooper carrying a suitcase to a secure location is shown opening it later in the trailer, even though Cal loses his lightsaber in the middle of the film.

There are obvious similarities between this man’s appearance and those of the Grand Inquisitor, but his appearance is distinct enough to indicate that he is not the Grand Inquisitor, and labels him as an imperial senator. Even so, it’s clear that this opposing force is after Cal Kostis. Because Cal has been evading the Empire for a long time as a well-known Jedi, and especially in Jedi: Fallen Order, where he encountered powerful adversaries. Cal Kestis, tell me Cal Kestis, why lead when they won’t follow? As he creepily ogles Cal’s lightsaber, this imposing figure’s voice-over intones the entire trailer.

It’s possible that, if the crew of the Mantis is indeed the “they” this figure is referring to, we’ll learn more about their current predicament. In the face of the Empire’s growing and imposing power, he may be alluding to a split in the group’s focus. We know this because Cal destroyed the Holocron containing the locations of other potential Jedi in the galaxy in order to protect the children and allow them to make their own choices, as we saw at the conclusion of The Fallen Order. There is a chance not everyone on the Mantis crew agreed with Cal’s decision, or there may have been other issues brewing during such an oppressive time in the galaxy, so they were left to fend for themselves.

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If he’s working directly with the Inquisitors who previously hunted Cal, he isn’t at the Fortress Inquisitorious, as shown by his brief appearances. On Coruscant, the city’s skyline appears to be ideal for a droid to fly through while barely attached. In any case, the Inquisitorious will continue to be a threat to Cal’s safety. Cal appears to be on his own at the moment, as we noted earlier. However, the trailer’s final mystery may point to a potential ally in Cal’s ongoing search.

Imperial Senator

“Cal Kestis, tell me, why should I lead when nobody will follow?” What’s the point of fighting if you’re not going to win? “Jedi, what are your plans after this?” In the trailer, a mysterious Pau’an character says something to that effect. We watch in awe as Cal’s stolen lightsaber is delivered to his Coruscant office by stormtroopers. You might assume that this sinister-looking Pau’an is the Grand Inquisitor, given that the game takes place at the same time as Obi-Wan Kenobi and a few years before the start of the Rebels animated series, but you’d be wrong. In the game, an Imperial senator “makes a dangerous deal,” according to Whatever the deal is, it appears to have something to do with the Jedi’s staff. What happened to Cal’s saber before this?

Survivor Reveal Trailer

Who’s in the Tank?

Interspersed with Cal’s travails are slow pans of a figure in a bacta tank, which culminate in a scene in which Cal stands before this figure, in the middle of a sparse and desolate room overgrown with flora. It appears that this white-haired character is the only one in this room, and Cal is staring up at him. While his lightsaber was lost at some point in the trailer, it’s worth noting that he still has it on him. Also, he appears to be wearing an actual holster for a blaster, which Cal never wore in Fallen Order. Apex Legends and Titanfall may have influenced Respawn’s decision to give Cal more ranged options.

Cal may turn to them for help in his darkest moments, even if he doesn’t want to, even if they’re a completely new character. This mysterious new figure, coupled with the ominous room and Cal’s apparent displeasure as he gazes at the mysterious new figure, could mean it’s not exactly someone he would be happy to turn to, given the antagonistic question he asks just before the trailer pans to this mysterious new figure. “Unsavory” connections will be made by Cal in the Respawn game, according to Stig Asmussen, the game’s director.

Inky black veins across this person’s shoulder, possibly indicating some kind of corruption or injury that necessitated their stay in this bacta tank. While it is possible that they are an important part of Cal’s survival in Jedi: Survivor, it is also possible that they are someone who tests Cal’s commitment to his survival – this could potentially be a Sith or someone else who follows the Dark Side, resulting in Cal’s grim expression.

Even though Cal can’t see the character’s face because of the mask, the lighting, and flowing hair, it’s clear that the scene and trailer convey Cal’s dark moment and leave many questions unanswered, including the fate of the Stinger Mantis crew, how Cal plans to keep outrunning the Empire, and more. We’ll have to wait until Jedi: Survivor’s release next year to find out which returning characters join Cal, which new ones prove to be true allies, and how he plans to keep surviving against the Empire.


The story begins with Jedi Fallen Order’s lone survivor, Padawan Cal Kestis, as he struggles to find a place to call home in the wild galaxy following the purge of Order 66.

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