Starmyu Season 4 Release Date: Will There Be Season 4?

Starmyu Season 4 Release Date: Anyone who likes musical high school will enjoy the adventure that is “Starmyu.” For the most part, the anime has a pretty straightforward plot that centers on college students looking for their place in the music industry.

The central theme of the anime is to never give up on your aspirations, and while this in and of itself is enough to keep you watching, the characters elevate it to a whole other level. These characters gradually win you over with each new season, and you will undoubtedly develop an emotional connection with at least one.

It’s a timeless tale of growing up that examines friendship, pursuing one’s goals, and developing problem-solving skills. Don’t be turned off by the anime’s all-male cast, even though it may appear like it’s primarily meant for a female audience. Almost everyone may enjoy it.

C-Station and NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan produce the Japanese slice-of-life music comedy TV show Starmyu . The show’s first season premiered on October 5, 2015. The production business has since made available a total of three parts.

The last season lasted from July 2019 to September of that same year. This project has expanded significantly during the past few years. It also has two manga adaptations, three anime seasons, two OVAs, drama CDs, and numerous music CDs.

Starmyu Season 4: Will There Be a Fourth Season? Release Date & Latest Updates

Starmyu Season 4 Plot

Five students, Yuta Hoshitani, Toru Nayuki, Kaito Tsukigami, Kakeru Tengenji, and Shu Kuga, are featured in the series as they battle for admission to the Musical Department of Ayanagi Academy, a prestigious institution for talented musicians.

They aspire to be admitted to the Star Frame Class, taught directly by the Kao Council, a group of the best musical department students at the academy’s pinnacle. They are fortunately discovered by Itsuki Otori, a member of the Kao Council, who adds them to his Star Team.

The audience responded favorably to the first three episodes of the musical anime series. The basic but intriguing plot of this play, as well as the outstanding music, were both lauded by the critics.

The best-rated of the three, with a score of 7.32 on MyAnimeList, is Starmyu’s second season. While its third installment likewise received a commendable 6.95. This show’s popularity is, however, only average.

The majority of its followers are those who enjoy watching musical anime. The anime’s third episode came to a definitive conclusion. Therefore, it didn’t leave much room for Starmyu Season 4’s plot.

However, there is still a strong desire for the fourth season, which can persuade the anime’s creators to extend its run. Fans shouldn’t have too high of expectations, though, as the likelihood is very low.

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Starmyu Season 4 Cast

Following are the Starmyu Season 4 characters :

  • Yuta Hoshitani
  • Toru Nayuki
  • Kaito Tsukigami
  • Kakeru Tengenji
  • Shu Kuga
  • Rui Tatsumi
  • Eigo Sawatari
  • Akira Ugawa
  • Izumi Toraishi
  • Seishiro Inumine

Starmyu Season 3 Recap

Five high school students form the core of the Starmyu narrative. These pupils are Yuta Hoshitani, Kaito Tsukigami, Shu Kuga, and Kakeru Tengenji, among others. After much adversity, the five of them were able to enroll in the esteemed musical program at the elite Ayanagi Academy.

For everyone with musical talent, this area is bliss. If they’re lucky, they’ll also have the opportunity to study music with the Kao Council, the brightest and most talented Academy students.

As a result, the group’s students arrived at the Kao Council. But when they encountered several changes and competition, this incident completely altered their way of life.

Starmyu Season 4 Release Date

The third season of “Starmyu” began on July 1 and just finished on September 16 of the same year. If you’ve been watching the show all along, you may be starting to worry if season 4 will ever come out. The show’s makers don’t need to worry about keeping up with manga or a light novel as “Starmyu” is an anime original.

Since season 1, the show’s ratings have dipped a little bit, although this slight decline in viewership shouldn’t matter much regarding the show’s overall popularity. Even though its fandom isn’t huge, “Starmyu” still has some devoted followers who would be open to accepting a season 4. The show still maintains an average rating on most well-known platforms.

Since its debut in 2015, the program has maintained a high level of material consistency and has released new seasons virtually annually. There were suspicions that season 3 would be the last before it was released, but “Starmyu” is the type of anime that can still evolve its slice-of-life plot into something more.

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