‘Stranger Things’ Star Sadie Sink’s Gets the Perfect Waves on the Beach

Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 1 debuted on Netflix at the end of last month, and the anticipation for it isn’t waning. Even though the OG crew is now dispersed across the United States, Russia, Nevada, and Hawkins, Indiana, Sadie Sink’s character Max Mayfield has our attention—and is the reason you’ve been listening to Kate Bush on repeat. However somber Sink’s character is this season (we’re counting the days until July 1, when Volume 2 of the series is released), her real-life personality is much more upbeat. In particular, her trademark beach waves, which are the ideal summer style.

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Tommy Buckett, the lead stylist at New York City’s The Marie Robinson Salon, speaks with BAZAAR.com about how to achieve those signature beach waves. Since Sink made her Stranger Things debut in Season 2, Buckett has collaborated with her on everything from press events to editorial shoots. According to him, she’s known for her iconic red hair.

According to him, Sink prefers to look ethereal because she has naturally curly hair. Buckett uses a combination of flat-iron waves and curls to achieve this look. But he says the key to nailing her look is to keep it brushed out at all times. He seals it with a spritz of hairspray after applying a light coat of hair oil. To get the best results, it’s all about tinkering with her texture.” When working with an actress, I always try to allow them to express themselves in their own unique way. The only reason I’m here is to assist them in creating it.”

Here’s how to make the summer waves at Sink’s beach work for you.

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The Best Way to Achieve the Look 

Try the “Cool-Girl Wave” as well. “I like to braid two to four loose braids together at a time. In order to remove the braids, I use a flat iron to heat them up and then let them cool. To achieve a more natural appearance, I break up the waves with a brush or my fingers. It’s what I like to refer to as the cool-girl wave.”

Distinguish the Waves. “Prior to applying some Virtue Healing Oil, I go back in with the hairbrush and work it through her hair from root to tip. I like the way it all comes together.”

Close the Deal. “Just a spritz of Serge Normant hairspray completes the look for me. Keeping your hair brushed or your fingers in it is the most important part of this hairstyle. Maintain a shambles of an appearance. Carrie Bradshaw’s hair from Sex in the City has a resemblance to this style.”

Make the Sound Better. “I spritzed the roots of her hair with Oribe Dry Texturizing spray to make it fuller.”

Mix up the Textures. “A curling iron with an extra-large barrel, as well as a flat iron, can be used for this. The hair products I use on Sadie are from Harry Josh and GHD. Create loose waves with the curling iron by separating a few sections of hair. After that, use the flat iron to create waves in the remaining sections of your hair. These two wave types must be alternated throughout the hair.”

Make it Light. “My Christophe Robin bristle brush comes in handy at this point. Until it’s big and airy, I’ll keep going.”