Felix From Stray Kids was Humble About his High School Popularity

Due to the abundance of Felix’s high school photos available online The K-Star Next Door was able to investigate just how well-liked the Stray Kids member was prior to his debut.

So many girls asked you to be their prom date the emcee Jonathan told Felix. So you were the prom king, right? Felix denied being prom king but he had so many date requests he lost count.

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Jonathan: How many people asked you out?

Felix: I don’t remember.

Lee Know: It’s that many?

Even Changbin chimed in saying that a single question would have been enough to jog Felix’s memory. After all, Changbin reasoned, If it was just one or two, he’d remember. Even their faces would stick out in your mind.

Felix, despite his apparent fame, kept his humility and showed why so many were drawn to him. “I was very shy,” Felix admitted. And yet, I was constantly surrounded by my pals.

Watch as Felix’s timidity is tested when he receives so many prom invitations that he “can’t count them all.”

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