Stray Kids Members Covid 19 Results Are Positive Again

Stray Kids Members Covid 19 Results Are Positive Again. JYP Entertainment revealed on November 19, 2022, that members of the group Stray Kids Lee Know, HAN, and Seungmin had tested positive for COVID and were going on hiatus because of it. Lee Know has now caught the illness three times, while HAN and Seungmin have caught it twice each.

Inevitably, the agency’s handling of the artist has angered the public. The STAY fanbase of the MANIAC group expressed encouraging words but also called the label out for not taking better care of the musicians. Many concerned fans voiced their fears that repeat exposure to the virus could have negative health consequences.

Stray Kids Members
Stray Kids Members

Stray Kids member Lee Know has gotten the COVID virus and will be absent from the November 19 episode of MBC’s Music Core, as confirmed by JYP Entertainment on the same day. According to the agency’s health report, the dancer, along with HAN and Seungmin, did the self-test kits COVID test on November 18 after experiencing “mild symptoms of a cold.”

Three people who used a home test kit and got positive findings went straight to the hospital to get PCR tests. In retrospect, it was established that Lee Know, HAN, and Seungmin were all COVID-positive. Additional PCR testing was conducted on Bang Chan, Changbin, Hyunjin, Felix, and I.N., all of whom came back negative.

The organisation also reported that everyone who needed to take the vaccine received all three doses. Lee Know and Seungmin texted fans on the fan-artist platform Bubble as concerns were being voiced about the agency’s management to reassure them it was nothing to worry about.

The host of Music Core expressed his regret for missing today’s MC event and reassured supporters not to worry about Seungmin because he has “previously experienced it.” After reading the messages, the STAY community got emotional.

One of Lee Know’s many admirers remarked that he was “too good for this world” because he always put fans’ minds at ease by posting updates about his health on Bubble whenever something bad happened to him. Furthermore, since this was his third time getting the illness, supporters were very concerned.

Recent Updates On Stray Kids

As of their most recent album, MAXIDENT, the K-pop group CASE, 143 became only the second act in the genre’s history to sell three million copies. Not only are they the second K-pop boy group to perform at a US stadium, but they are also only the third artist to ever top the Billboard 200, following BTS and SuperM.

Audiences are anticipating magnificent performances from the eight-member group at year-end events due to their tremendous success in 2018. They will be performing in the 2022 MAMA and AAA ceremonies.

On the other hand, Stray Kids have been nominated for five MAMAs: Best Male Group, Best Dance Performance Male Group (for MANIAC), Song of the Year, Artist of the Year, and Worldwide Fans’ Choice Top 10.

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