A Guide to the Solo Series, Unique Material, and Collective #Straykids (2023 VER)

In this post, I’ll include a guide to StrayKids’ original content, solo live-stream series, which the current members are, their honors and accomplishments, and a general overview of the band in 2023.

Who are the StrayKids?

JYP Entertainment presently manages the eight-member South Korean boy group StrayKids. Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N. are the other members of the group. They are particularly well-known for their current songs, including Case 143, God’s Menu, Back Door, Double Knot, Maniac, Thunderous, Chill, and Venom, to name a few.

The group was first created on a survival competition-based show in 2017, where participants had to consider the potential of not making their debut as an idol group in case they were eliminated. Chan pre-selected his team members during this time. The group is renowned for creating self-produced, self-composed 4th generation K-pop idol male groups.


Following the performance in March 2018 after releasing a pre-debut album called “MIXTAPE” that included a music video for the album’s catchy and distinctive title tune, “HELLEVATOR.” before making their official debut with “District 9.”

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StrayKids has 3 subunits: 

1. 3RACHA.

Description 3RACHA posted their self-written/produced music on their own SoundCloud and YouTube accounts. They are the primary producers and rap group for SKZ.

Members: Changbin, Chan, and Han.

Changbin: SpearB.

Chan: CB97.

Han: J.ONE.

2. Vocal RACHA. 

Description. The main vocalists in StrayKids and the youngest members.

Members: Seungmin and I.N.

Most recent song/ Latest: Can’t Stop.

3. Dance RACHA. 

Description. Originally unofficially debuting during IN生 album promotions as a part of StrayKids’ first unit-released songs.

Most recent song/Latest: Taste.

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