Players Of Street Fighter 6’s Unhinged Character Creator Are Not Taking It Seriously

Street Fighter 6: This morning marked the beginning of a weekend-long closed beta test for the upcoming fighting game Street Fighter 6. Character creation is a new feature in the series, along with online matches and the training mode, two staples of the franchise’s gameplay. Oh my god, the brawler’s people have been producing and posting online are insane; they’re the kind of stuff that would be at home in a low-budget science fiction horror film.

In short, Street Fighter 6 can be played with a subtle air of horror thanks to the ridiculous character creation options. So that’s fantastic! We’re getting close to Halloween, and more scary headlines are always welcome on Kotaku. Since this is a closed beta, participation is limited. If you signed up for Street Fighter 6 before September 30 and were selected, you are probably tinkering with the character creation.

Despite being invited to the closed beta test, I haven’t had the time to play around with the customizing features. However, you may see several videos on YouTube outlining the various possibilities available to you. It’s not hyperbole to say that the implications are enormous. Sliders can be found in nearly any imaginable setting.

Everything from stature to skeleton to hair color is unique. The appearance of your privates is also adjustable. The degree of customization is high. With this new persona, the game’s center environment and story mode are all yours to explore. In-game currency (coins and tickets) can purchase snazzy threads for your character’s wardrobe.

However, some Street Fighter 6 gamers took all those customization choices to their natural conclusion and made some unique characters. People all over the web are uploading their horrific works to the central hub. Some of them have short, gangly limbs and chest hair, making them look like Neanderthals.

Some of the others look inspired by One Piece, while others resemble Space Jam failures. Creatures with chunkier legs than fat and limbs skinnier than twigs are also present. Could you have a look at it? They give me the creeps! Such inventions are the stuff of nightmares. They’re sick creations of warped gamers’ imaginations.

And despite the disturbingly horrible nature of all the characters, I enjoy it. Remember that the closed beta test only allows you to create a single character. Street Fighter 6‘s release window for most platforms is set for some time in 2023. (I’m sorry if this bothers you, Switch owners. Stadia has died. The Street Fighter 6 closed beta test doesn’t end until October 10, so plenty of new materials will be released in the next few days.

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