After Her Supposed ‘Secret Twitter’ Appears Online, Sullyoon of NMIXX Generates Buzz

Sullyoon of NMIXX Generates Buzz: After speculations of a “secret Twitter” account for NMIXX’s Sullyoon spread over various social media, he has become the talk of internet K-Pop communities. Word on the Internet forums has said that the following handle is Sullyoon’s “secret Twitter account.”

Some time ago, the username of the account was changed, although it is believed that it was formerly “active” as a fan account for YOUNITE member Kyungmun, generating further interest among online users. The photo Sullyoon sent via Bubble is being used as “proof” that the above account belongs to Sullyoon.

Sullyoon of NMIXX Generates Buzz
Sullyoon of NMIXX Generates Buzz

Sullyoon and his pals are out to dinner, and the picture shows them getting a “manner shot” before digging in. The idol claimed that she was holding up a photo card of STAYC’s Isa, while a buddy propped up a photocard of herself.

A Twitter user who claims to be one of Sullyoon’s dinner companions was identified sometime after Sullyoon distributed the above photo to supporters via Bubble. Netizens have dubbed this person “Rong,” and they claim that they have known him or her as a “K-Pop stan” friend of Sullyoon’s since before NMIXX‘s debut.

There are several unsubstantiated allegations going around about “Rong” and Sullyoon’s relationship, such that “Rong” sold a large number of signed, unreleased polaroid images of Sullyoon for a high price and that “Rong” is revealing Sullyoon’s prior activities as a fan of YOUNITE’s Kyungmun.

Meanwhile, Sullyoon’s “secret Twitter” has mutual friends with an account called “Rong.” The same account (which reportedly used a username based on YOUNITE member Kyungmun’s birthday) was also noticed sharing the following post in the month of November:

Very shortly after that, Sullyoon posted a picture of some knitted four-leaf clovers on Bubble with the caption, “What I’ve made thus far is displayed below.

At first, I intended to make them as good luck charms for everyone taking the CSAT, and then email the photo to everyone the day before the test, keke. However, I’ll only display a small sample here…”

Meanwhile, some netizens commented, “Wow, an idol who used to be a total K-Pop stan on Twitter, and one who is still active on that Twitter…”, “It’s not necessarily that Sullyoon did anything wrong, but the fact that she gave her those signed polaroids and Rong just sold them… that’s just kind of a turn off”, “Now I don’t know what to believe. So did they date or not”, “What happened to the mysterious charm of Big 3 agency idols…??”, “As soon as I heard that Sullyoon was on Twitter some time ago, I knew something was gonna blow up”, “I had no idea Sullyoon was THAT kind of mega stan…”, etc.

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