Sullyoon Seemed Depressed Since Jinni Departed NMIXX

Sullyoon Seemed Depressed: On December 12, NMIXX was sighted on their way to Japan for the ‘2022 Asia Artist Awards’ as a complete six-member unit.

On this particular day, the members were spotted getting ready to go for the event while wearing their masks, and the remaining six members raised their hands and created hand hearts for the camera.

Sullyoon Seemed Depressed
Sullyoon Seemed Depressed

After hearing of Jinni‘s unexpected departure, the girls didn’t appear as lively as they usually are. As a result of Jinni’s absence, fans have noted how depressed Sullyoon has been appearing.

Sullyoon may be seen in a series of images posted to a forum making a half-heart, which is joined by another person’s half-heart; after a brief gaze in all directions, the two hands change into the finger heart.

At some point, Sullyoon apparently realised that Jinni, the person who had finished her hand heart, was no longer associated with the group.

Fans commented, “Her face looks exactly like someone who did something out of habit but realized the person who used to do it with her is not there anymore,” “This really breaks my heart,” “I feel so sad for her,” “Sullyoon and Jinni were so close,” “They used to make hand hearts together a lot,” “She really looks sad,” “Her facial expression looks so lonely,” and “It would be so hard if your best friend suddenly left the group.”

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