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The soap opera genre is well-known for its lovable protagonists and iconic super couples, but it also features villains capable of committing heinous acts. Some characters will never be liked no matter what, whether they started out good and turned evil, hurt the characters everyone loves most, or made it clear from the beginning that they were evil. These characters are the worst of the worst and will never be liked by the audience no matter how hard they try to redeem themselves.

General Hospital’s Ryan Chamberlain

Among the many villains on General Hospital, Ryan Chamberlain may be the most threatening. This character has been criticized by his psychologist twin brother Kevin for being emotionally distant, in addition to being a deranged serial killer. This is one of the few General Hospital characters that neither Port Charles nor the show’s viewers have ever warmed up to, and that sentiment hasn’t changed since his murderous debut in the ’90s or his return this year, which has been followed by stalking, the discovery of a long-lost and equally deranged daughter, and more murders.

Writer Jan Spears’s ‘Days of Our Lives 

The soap opera character Jan Spears is like a bad penny; she always seems to pop up at the worst possible times. Along with Philip Kiriakis, she started bullying Chloe Lane, a new student at the school, in 1999. Jan is reviled not so much for her bullying tactics in high school as for the crimes she committed against the object of her obsession after he became her husband; she kidnapped, held hostage, and forced Shawn Brady to marry her, ultimately causing him to divorce Belle.

The Young and the Restless by Ian Ward.

While not the first soap opera cult leader, Ian Ward was certainly among the worst. In 2014, Ray Wise began appearing on CBS’s The Young and the Restless as the mysterious cult leader who secretly raised Sharon’s long-lost daughter. He kidnapped Sharon after she gave birth to their daughter Mariah, attempted to marry her, and then stole Mariah from her. He also kidnapped Nikki and claimed to be the father of her son Dylan. Ian became an unlikeable person after he hurt so many popular people in Genoa City.

Author Carlo Hesser’s “One Life To Live” 

Throughout the show’s four decades on ABC, there were plenty of villains and infamous characters you hated to love, but none were as consistently bad as Carlo Hesser. Carlo is widely reviled by the soap’s cast and viewers for his many villainous roles as mob boss, drug trafficker, kidnapper, and murderer.

Bold and the Beautiful, Deacon Sharpe 

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Deacon Sharpe is Sean Kanan’s latest example of his penchant for playing odious characters, following in the footsteps of AJ Quartermaine on General Hospital and Mike Barnes in The Karate Kid III. Over the years, Deacon has appeared on both B&B and Young and the Restless as a sleazy, slimy character who eventually joined forces with another B&B villain, Sheila Carter, to try to see the children they were both being kept from.

Written by Peter August and based on his character in “General Hospital,”

Because his father, Cesar Faison, was one of General Hospital’s most notorious bad guys, Peter August has a good chance of inheriting his father’s villainous traits. Who was once a confident and likable magazine publisher has become one of the cities of Port Charles’ most hated and most wanted criminals? There’s not much Peter can do to make up for kidnapping Jason Morgan’s daughter and torturing his ex-girlfriend Maxie Jones for years.

J.T. Hellstrom, ‘Young And The Restless

’Thad Luckinbill, who plays J.T. Hellstrom, may be loved by his Young and the Restless co-star and real-life wife Amelia Heinle, but he is despised in Genoa City, including by Heinle’s character, Victoria Newman. Perhaps J.T. was never a fan favorite, but it wasn’t until his return in 2017 that he was universally reviled. Having reconciled with Victoria, J.T. became emotionally and physically abusive, making multiple attempts on her life and the lives of others in the town.

Nick Fallon, ‘Days Of Our Lives

Blake Berris played Nick Fallon for a total of five years (non-consecutive), during which time he alienated nearly everyone in Salem. Aside from his murderous ways, Nick was quickly reviled for his homophobic attitudes toward Will and Sonny, Salem’s most popular gay couple. Nick was murdered twice, but that didn’t stop him from wreaking havoc on the town in 2021 (thanks to a possessed Marlena, of all people), when he attempted to bury Gabi’s new flame alive by torturing his ex-wife.

David Hayward, ‘All My Children’

Vincent Irizarry’s portrayal of David Hayward on All My Children spanned a total of 13 years (non-consecutive), making him one of the longest-running soap villains and certainly the most well-known character from the show. Most viewers would never support a character who has a criminal record longer than that of any other soap opera character and who has victimized popular actors like Erica Kane, Tad Martin, and Greenlee Smythe.

“General Hospital” actor Cesar Faison

Anyone who has been a fan of General Hospital since the 1980s likely agrees that Cesar Faison is the worst villain Port Charles has ever seen. Named Faison, the villainous character portrayed by Anders Hove will be reviled for all time because of his role in the kidnapping of Robin Scorpio, his guise as Duke Lavery, and his role in the shooting of Nathan West, who was a fan favorite.