BLACKPINK’s Impersonation of Taeyang’s Popular Meme Makes Netizens Laugh

Taeyang’s Popular Meme Makes Netizens Laugh: The BLACKPINK members eagerly anticipate Big Bang’s return, whom they consider to be their sundae. The girls were recently sighted in Copenhagen, Denmark, holding a sound check rehearsal before their scheduled performance.

Jisoo gave a shoutout (?) to Taeyang’s viral “Yeoreobun” meme while waving goodbye to the sound check crowd. Jennie also joined in, making Rosé and Lisa roar with amusement; nonetheless, the girls soon decided to give the Taeyang method of fan greeting their unique spin.

Netizens commented, “I’m dying kekekekekekeke”, “Not the ‘Yeoreobun~’!! Kkekekekekekeke”, “It’s Taeyang’s ‘Bonjour’ that does it for me every time kekekekekeke”, “They know about the meme kekekekeke”, “Is there any international fan tonight kekekekekeke”, “Who said ‘Stop’ kekekekeke”, “Back in the day I used to do that with my friends all the time kekekekekeke”, “Jisoo is seriously so funny kekekekekeke”, and more.

Taeyang's Popular Meme Makes Netizens Laugh
Taeyang’s Popular Meme Makes Netizens Laugh


Taeyang (literally “sun” in Korean) and SOL (when playing in Japan) are the stage names of South Korean singer, composer, and dancer Dong Young-bae. Taeyang’s training with YG Entertainment began at age 12 after he appeared in Jinusean’s “A-yo” music video.

Six years later, it wasn’t until 2006 that he made his debut as a South Korean boy band Big Bang member. The group’s initial album was met with mixed reviews. Still, subsequent releases propelled them to stardom, making them one of the best-selling digital groups of all time in Asia and one of the best-selling boy bands in the world.

Once his group had released several albums and EPs, Taeyang decided to pursue a solo career in 2008, with the release of his debut solo EP, Hot. Critics praised the EP, and it ended up taking home the prize for Best R&B & Soul Album at the 6th Annual Korean Music Awards.

After the success of Hot, in 2010, he released Solar, his first full-length studio album. It sold over 100,000 copies. He achieved his first solo number one on the Billboard K-pop Hot 100 with the album’s lead track, “Eyes, Nose, Lips,” while his second studio album, Rise (2014), reached #112 on the US Billboard 200.

Song of the Year at both the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards and the 29th annual Golden Disc Awards went to “Eyes, Nose, Lips.” White Night is his third studio album, released in 2017. The music industry praised the vocal talents of Taeyang, who has been called the “Prince of R&B” in Korea and is widely considered to be one of the top singers in South Korea.

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