Tara Heartstopper: Who Plays Tara’s Role In This Series?

Heartstopper Tara Jones, played by Corinna Brown, is a regular character in the film. Elle Argent, Aled Last, Nick Nelson, Charlie Spring, Tao Xu, and Sahar Zahid are some of her closest friends. She is also engaged to Darcy Olsson, her boyfriend.


A young African-American girl, Tara is the Paris Squad’s shortest member, standing at around 5’0″ tall. As for her hair, it is black and curly, but when she goes swimming or to sleep, it is braided and stored in a cap. Her go-to wardrobe consists of flowing gowns and flats.

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Tara is depicted as calm, reserved, and keenly perceptive. In spite of her curiosity, she does not cross the line and allows Nick to tell her what he wants to tell her. When she hears that Nick and Charlie are dating, she is overjoyed. Tara is a persistent target of Darcy’s pranks and affectionate teasing. Tara, along with Sahar, appears to be the most well-adjusted of the group, as her parents are incredibly supportive and she lives in a huge home. In a similar vein to Darcy, she is protective of her close friends, and she refused to invite Harry to her birthday party because of the way he teased her buddy, Charlie.


  • Nick and Tara shared their first kiss.
  • An INFP/The Mediator, her MBTI type.
  • It’s Gryffindor for her at Hogwarts.
  • She plays the B clarinet in Higgs orchestra with Darcy.
  • After many kisses with Darcy, Tara discovered she was a lesbian, according to Darcy.
  • As stated in her character profile, she enjoys dancing (especially ballet).
  • It’s impossible for her to see a movie without thinking of Howl’s Moving Castle.

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