Texans Feel Their Rights Being Ignored by Political Ambitions

With the upcoming general election on November 22, 2021, most aspirants and those longing for re-election are busy preparing for their campaign materials and preserving their respective political images. This, however, detriments some people in terms of public service, as their needs and rights tend to be either taken advantage of or taken for granted.

Governor’s Primary Duty Changes During Election Season

According to the local news daily, Governor Greg Abbott concentrates more on winning the election than focusing on its citizens’ needs. Recently, he issued an executive order prohibiting the mandatory application of vaccines in many enterprises, directly opposing the issuance of U.S. President Joe Biden. He even sought the legislature to enact laws that would share the same end and purpose, notwithstanding that he recognizes the affirmative effect of vaccines on COVID 19 patients and on reducing the death toll thereof. According to the Governor, the government must observe the right of the citizens not to submit themselves to vaccination programs as equal to those who voluntarily submit themselves. Thus, Texas GOP Chairman Allen West challenges Abbott to win the Republican bet but is not polling well, as the latter garners almost double his favorability rate. 

It’s about the number of votes

Meanwhile, local citizens assume the former Texas Congressman and the most recognized Democratic challenger, Beto O’Rourke, to par against Abbott in this upcoming election. However, even though most Texans believe that Abbott does not deserve to be reelected, it is unfortunate on his part, however, that there are only 35% of Texans manifest their favorable vote for him and 37% of them show otherwise, according to Dallas Morning News/UT Tyler Poll.

Truly, the essence of election is to select the proper leaders who would represent the people in the government, support their needs, and preserve their welfare. But, with this upcoming election, people witness how politicians turn this concept into grey, where a self-centered political platform becomes the new trend.