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The 6 Hottest Female K-Pop Stars With Extraordinary Abs

6 Hottest Female K-Pop Stars

6 Hottest Female K-Pop Stars

The 6 Hottest Female K-Pop Stars With Extraordinary Abs. The difficulty of ab exercise is evident to everyone who has ever tried to build core strength. These girls are proof that all you need is time, dedication, and discipline to achieve your goals. Read on whether you’re looking for workout motivation or just some serious ab goals.

6 Hottest Female K-Pop Stars


Recently, LE SSERAFIM started working with a personal trainer to get in top shape for their new career as idols. Since she was able to execute 82 sit-ups in two minutes, it’s clear that Kazuha doesn’t require much assistance. It’s hardly surprising that she’s incredibly powerful, given that she’s a professional ballerina and an idol.

6 Hottest Female K-Pop Stars

Jeon Somi

With her expert knowledge of core exercises, Somi could easily function as a personal trainer. When she appeared on an episode of “TMI SHOW,” she showed the hosts her training routine and guided them through a portion of it. She must have put in a lot of effort in the gym because her abs and back are rock solid if they can handle that.

TWICE’s Mina

Although it’s much more challenging for women, Mina of TWICE has managed to get a six-pack. During TWICE’s recent global tour, she became an internet sensation thanks to her enviable “chocolate abs,” and she wasn’t the only one who took notice. During this episode of “TW-LOG,” her ripped physique stunned the rest of the crew. A comparison to Aquaman’s abs was made by Sana.

ITZY’s Chaeryeong

Chaeryeong is quite proud of her hard-earned abs and isn’t ashamed to show them off. She regularly uses a photo of her abs as the lock screen on her phone since she thinks they are the focal point of any outfit. The other members of ITZY can attest to the fact that she puts forth a great deal of effort into maintaining her physically fit appearance.

aespa’s Karina

Behind the scenes, Karina works out to make sure her body is in tip-top shape for her performances. The micro-movements of Pilates are deceptively difficult; they may appear simple at first glance, but even a few repetitions will leave you feeling the burn. Karina may not have the most visible abs, but her core strength is nothing to scoff at.


While this clip is a little dated, rest assured that Rosé hasn’t slacked off on her ab routine in the years since it was shot. In this episode of “BLACKPINK HOUSE,” she does some impressive pilates feats, and her abs are so strong that she is able to hold even the most difficult postures with flawless form. She’s working so hard on her abs, and it shows.

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