The BigHit Agency Has Officially Confirmed RM’s Debut Solo Album With A Future Release Date To Be Announced!

The BigHit Agency Has Officially Confirmed RM’s Debut Solo Album With A Future Release Date To Be Announced. K-pop group BTS has gone on an indefinite sabbatical so that its members can pursue individual careers and complete their mandatory military service.

Fans of BTS are counting down the days until leader RM releases his solo album, following in the footsteps of members J-Hope and Jin. BTS’s label, BigHit Music, has already confirmed RM’s album and announced the upcoming release of the rapper’s project.

BigHit has confirmed that RM will be releasing a solo album but provided no further information. According to a statement released by BigHit, RM is “currently in preparations” for a solo album. Several sources have indicated that the album would be made public on November 25.

Neither RM nor BigHit has commented on this. The tune “The Astronaut,” which Jin co-wrote and performed with Coldplay, was released not too long ago. The musician is getting ready to initiate the enlistment process.

Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay, made a brief appearance as a weather reporter at the end of the song. At a Coldplay show in Argentina, Jin joined them onstage to perform their song. In just a few short days after its debut, The Astronaut climbed to the top of the Billboard music chart.

When Billboard asked its readers to pick their favorite song, fans overwhelmingly chose Jin’s. Songs like “Bad Idea” by Dove Cameron, “Shirt” by SZA, “Bad Idea” by Dove Cameron, and “Lift Me” by Rihanna were also included in the poll.

The military enrollment of the remaining BTS members will proceed by their respective timetables. “After the great concert to support Busan’s bid for the World Expo 2030 and as each individual begins on independent endeavors, it’s a perfect time and the members of BTS are honored to serve,” reads the official statement released by BigHit MUSIC in behalf of the group. Read also BTS Jin Releases New Solo Single

The last time BTS performed together as a group was during a concert in Busan in support of the 2030 World Expo. Nearly 50 million people watched the event, a testament to the BTS ARMY’s devotion to their favorite K-pop band.

The concert was costless and was also broadcast live for nothing on several mobile platforms. Upon completion of their mandatory military service, BTS will reunite as a group sometime around 2025.

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