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The ‘Bling Empire’ Season 2 Cast, Is There Any New Character In This List?

The Netflix docuseries Bling Empire has returned for a second season, sixteen months after its premiere. From heiress Anna Shay to her fellow queen bee and sometimes-nemesis Christine Chiu, the first season followed a society of mega-rich Asian and Asian-American entrepreneurs and heirs in LA.

Season 2 adds even more glitz and glam, as well as a blossoming romance between two cast members and a few new faces. Continue reading for a detailed look at the second-season cast of Bling Empire.

Kevin Kreider

Kevin Kreider is a professional hockey player who plays in the National Hockey League. Kreider is a model who grew up in Philadelphia before going to Los Angeles and becoming friends with the Bling Empire crew. He’s the show’s emotional center, frequently expressing what the audience is thinking (variations of “this costs how much?!”) and being frank about his childhood adoption from Korea and his recovery from alcoholism. He’s also a motivational speaker and the founder of Be More Matcha, a matcha supplement company.

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Kane Lim

According to the first season of the show, billionaire and practicing Buddhist Lim’s family fortune derives from oil and real estate, as well as “own[ing] the shopping malls that you go into in Singapore, Thailand, and all of Southeast Asia.”

He was Krieder’s guide to the crew’s luxury lifestyle during the first season of the show. He’s recently worked on some huge films, joined Selling Sunset’s Oppenheim Group as a realtor, and became Fenty Beauty’s first Southeast Asian ambassador.

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Christine Chiu

Christine Chiu is a student at the University of California, Berkeley. Chiu is the wife of plastic surgeon Dr. Gabriel Chiu and the mother of her darling baby Baby G. She is a cast member and an executive producer on the show. She’s one of the group’s queen bees, with enough clout to close down Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive for a lavish Chinese New Year’s celebration. In season 1, she discussed her reproductive journey and the possibility of having a second kid, while occasionally clashing with Anna, the group’s other queen bee.

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Anna Shay

The eccentric and amusing daughter of an American defense contractor and his Russian-Japanese wife, Anna Shay, is the group’s other grand dame. She’s also a tough, dependable pal who taped a scene while tearing down the walls of her own closet, declaring contractors “dumb.” She currently leads a socialite lifestyle while studying to become a licensed contractor, according to Town & Country.

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Kim Lee

In season one, Lim refers to Lee as the “Calvin Harris of Asia.” She began her career as a model and actress, walking in major shows and appearing in music videos and films, before embarking on a DJ career and touring with artists such as Steve Aoki and Diplo.

She also landed a residency with Wynn Nightlife last year, right around the time season 2 was being shot. In terms of her experience on the show, she grew closer to Kreider in season 1 when he assisted her in finding her biological father, and flames erupt between the two in season 2.

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Mi Kelly

Li, who is Chinese-born and works as an executive producer on the show, is a TV and film producer as well as a tech investor. She was previously married to a software entrepreneur who was imprisoned for “one of the greatest cyber scams in American history,” and following their divorce, she rebuilt her life.

Season 1 featured her turbulent romance with Power Rangers star Andrew Gray, but according to Page Six, the two have been separated for almost a year.

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Jaime Xie

Jaime Xie is a writer who lives in the United States. Tech heiress who is Chinese-American Xie is a fashion influencer and former champion equestrian who travels the world to attend events. She grew up in Silicon Valley and began her career in fashion when she was a teenager, and she flaunts her style on Instagram and her YouTube unboxing channel. The 24-year-old is the Bling Empire’s youngest member.

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Chèrie Chan

Chèrie Chan is a French actress who is known for her role. Chan is a businesswoman and the heiress of a denim company who was formerly a Sony Music Japan-signed aspiring pop star. She eventually gave up her music career, implying on the show that her mother wanted her to have a more traditional life, and she now has two children with Jessey Lee, her long-term partner who works for his family’s furniture business.

Her pregnancy with Jevon and her grief after her mother’s death was part of her storyline in season one. She also surprised Lee, her boyfriend at the time, with a marriage proposal. According to People, Lee proposed to Chan in Paris in August of last year, and the two married secretly a week later in Champagne, France.

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Dorothy Wang

Dorothy Wang, one of the newcomers to the show, is a recognizable face to E! reality show viewers. From 2014 through 2016, the Chinese-American real estate heiress featured on EFamously !’s Single and The Steve Harvey Show, among other shows. She maintains her own travel blog in addition to her reality TV job, and she recently moved from Beverly Hills to New York City.

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Mimi Morris

Morris, a Vietnamese philanthropist, and influencer married to conglomerate CEO Don Morris will also be appearing on the show. Mimi came from modest beginnings, according to Netflix, as she and her brothers struggled to survive throughout the Vietnam War with little food or resources. Later, she relocated to Los Angeles and established her own company. She lives in Orange County, California, with her husband and three children.

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