Everything We Know So Far About ‘Bling Empire’s’ Season 3

The Bling Empire has resurfaced! The first season launched in January 2021, and the cast is back on Netflix today, May 13 (that’s today, beauties!). And, as anyone who watched the first season of Bling Empire knows, the drama includes a wide spectrum of themes—we’re talking about the silly (like a feud over a pricey necklace) to the shockingly stressful (like the hunt for someone’s estranged father).

Despite the various degrees of drama it encounters, the program is relatively simple to follow—after all, it’s just fancy/filthy affluent people drinking and bickering. If you binge-watched Season 2 in under 12 hours, you might be wondering if Bling Empire will be renewed for a third season.

After all, several reality shows of a similar nature have aired season after season (looking at you, Selling Sunset). Here’s everything we know so far about a Bling Empire season 3 possibility.

Will Season 3 of Bling Empire air?

Season 2 of Bling Empire will launch in March 2021, two months after the first season. Netflix only renewed it for one more season at the time, therefore it is presently unknown if Bling Empire will be renewed. However, if season 2 of Bling Empire is as popular as the first, a season 3 announcement might follow last year’s pattern and arrive not long after season 2 concludes.

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When will Season 3 of Bling Empire debut?

If Bling Empire is renewed for a second season, it would make sense for it to premiere in early 2023, given the show’s current schedule. However, we don’t know anything yet, and Netflix has been known to surprise fans in the past with its release schedule.

Selling Sunset’s third season was announced shortly after its second season premiered in 2020, and it premiered just three months later. Could Season 3 of Bling Empire debut in August? Is it possible that it will air in May? Is it possible that it will never be shown? IDK! Everything is currently feasible.

Season 3: What Can We Expect?

The possibility of the show continuing beyond season 2 has been discussed by several people involved with it. Christine Chiu discussed her hopes for the cast’s future in an interview with PopSugar. “I’d love to see more artists and creators, whether they’re entrepreneurs, storytellers, dancers, or musicians,” she said.

“I understand that the bling isn’t the true heart and soul of Bling Empire. It’s not. The bling is what draws you in, but it’s the stories and journeys that keep you hooked and make it worthwhile and impactful for myself and the rest of the cast to be a part of this project.”

Furthermore, executive producer Jeff Jenkins told Oprah Daily that if given the opportunity, the show could last for years. Jeff described the cast as “hilarious, sexy, funny, dramatic, and devious.” “We’d all love to stay on this journey with them for as long as the audience is interested,” says the cast. Keep it coming, because reality TV escapism isn’t going away anytime soon.

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Who will appear in Bling Empire season 3?

Season 2 of bling empire The show would simply not be the same without several key members of the Bling Empire group. Christine Chiu and Anna Shay are located in the center. Even if they don’t always get along, the two frequently provide sound advice to the group’s younger members.

Kevin Kreider, Kane Lim, and Kim Lee are all expected to return. Kevin, who was born in South Korea but adopted and raised in Philadelphia, served as a viewer surrogate in the world of uber-fancy socialites. Kelly Mi Li is almost certain to appear as well (considering she has an executive producer credit). Dorothy, who had a tumultuous history with Kane, ruffled some feathers as well.

Bling Empire season 3: Is There a Trailer yet?

Sorry guys, but there’s currently no trailer for season three… after all, the second season has just shown on our screens. However, we’ll make sure everything is updated here as we find out more and if there’s any other material you might want to know about. Keep checking in here!