The Challenge: Ride or Dies Season 38 Episode 13: Don’t Miss the Exciting Premiere on MTV!

The Challenge: Ride or Dies Season 38 Episode 13: In The Challenge: Ride or Dies season 38 episode 13 of the MTV program, Moriah, a former teammate of Faysal, was disqualified. Moriah and Fessy are on opposing sides of the competition because the original Ride or Dies teams are no longer in existence and new teams have been formed as a result of a recent twist.

Fessy believed that Moriah would toss the daily challenge and help his side win in episode 12 of the competition, but things didn’t work out nicely for him. It appears that the drama continued in this week’s show, which led to Moriah being fired.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies Season 38 Episode 13
The Challenge: Ride or Dies Season 38 Episode 13

The Challenge: Ride or Dies Season 38 Episode 13

On The Task: Ride or Dies, the producers eventually came up with a strategy to have Fessy do an eating challenge that he couldn’t resist, even though it may have taken them four seasons. But was the hype justified? Let’s review the most recent episode! Fessy defeated Nelson to go to the elimination round.

He now thinks that the other team has stopped aiming at him because they “missed,” and that Johnny Bananas, the seven-time champion, will now be the next target. Nobody loves Fessy, not even his own ride-or-die Johnny, who has genuine pals and ties on both teams.

Since she had the opportunity to tie the vote but chose to cast a burn vote instead, Moriah was unable to prevent Fessy from being eliminated. The real pyrotechnics, however, take place at home when Jordan and Tori have an argument regarding Tori’s attempts to use their connection outside of the home as leverage to save Fessy last week.

Even Aneesa is growing weary of their fighting because it just keeps going in circles. On a more serious note, it seems very clear that either Nany or Amber will be eliminated this week as Nany and Kaycee take a moment to commemorate Nany’s late mother’s birthday and Amber breaks down in tears while speaking to her family at home. A major warning sign is a pre-challenge emphasis on their emotional state.

The “Blind Faith” task this week consists of a relay of four events in which each team chooses which players to complete each checkpoint, but they are only given a symbol to use in making their selections. Jordan feels he’s quite “exact” in just about everything he does, and Fessy steps up just because he wants to compete against Jordan, so it’s Jordan vs. Fessy for the “target” checkpoint up first.

Fessy made a wise decision! They end up using a slingshot as the target checkpoint, where they must hit three out of seven targets. If they miss any shots, however, they must consume an unpleasant smoothie. Yes, it’s time to watch Fessy take on her first eating challenge!

All the women on Fessy’s squad will be furious if he pulls another Double Agent final quit, but Jordan is ecstatic about this. Simply put, I’m happy to see Fessy have to consume something unpleasant and stop blaming others for his actions. While Jordan downs his first smoothie like a shot and throws up right away, Fessy also misses the first target.

Fessy takes it down a little bit more slowly, but she also throws up. They both miss repeatedly, and as a result, a beautiful montage of Jordan and Fessy throwing up while purging demons is shown to us. It feels like karma to see Fessy go through this since it is literally his greatest nightmare.

Even if it appears that he is cheating a little by simply spitting it back out while exaggerating a puking noise, whatever. He’s the only one to blame for having to consume so many smoothies! Jordan hits his first target after finally taking Devin’s instruction from the sidelines, and a few rounds later, Fessy ties the game by also hitting his first target.

The Yellow team subsequently wins the first event, stopping their clock, as Jordan immediately hits his second and third targets after once more paying attention to Devin’s directions on where to aim. Fessy must keep going till he strikes three targets in an amazing sequence of events! Each checkpoint in this challenge must be passed in order for it to be completed.

Amazingly, he now has to keep drinking after each unsuccessful slingshot. Fessy actually runs out of objects to hit, and it becomes so agonizing to watch that even Jordan and Amber urge Devin to correct Fessy’s aim. Devin feels bad for him and gives him his second shot right away. Horacio believes that helping Fessy was a mistake since it could come back to haunt them later in the challenge.

Their team needs the longest lead they can gain in this first event to set them up for the overall win. However, Devin assists Fessy in finishing the task, and in the end, the Yellow team has a 25-minute advantage over the Pink team. Devin believes that only a miracle might enable the Pink team to overtake them in the remaining three events, but challenges are unpredictable.

This was unquestionably a mistake; they should have let Fessy lose in an even more humiliating fashion since, if the tables were turned, you can bet he wouldn’t feel sorry for their squad.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies Spoilers

Who leaves the house in episode 13 as a result of the events in episode 12? Reddit spoilers for The Challenge Season 38 suggest that it might. According to a Reddit user, episode 13’s daily challenge is won by Faysal’s team, which puts Moriah’s team in jeopardy.

Due to the fact that it is women’s elimination week, two members of Moriah’s team will face off. According to the spoilers, Nany González competes against Moriah and triumphs. With Faysal remaining in the game, this might send Moriah home, but she still has a chance to come back.

It’s not apparent if Faysal played a role in Moriah’s elimination. Losing his original ride-or-die buddy is bad for his game because they are still linked by the twist. However, based on his behavior in the game following the new twist, it appears he is content to maintain a certain level of distance from Moriah.

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Where can Watch The Challenge: Ride or Dies

On the dates mentioned above, The Challenge S38 episode 13 will be available to stream on Hulu, the Roku premium channel, and the CBS app. Viewers in the United States can watch The Challenge S38 episode 13 live on MTV. Also, read The 100 Best TV Shows Ever!

Veteran actors Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, Kaycee Clark, Aneesa Ferreira, and Laurel Stucky, among others, will return to the show. The official summary from MTV states that this season’s participants and fans “will see if the supposedly unshakable relationships between friends, family, and partners survive the competitiveness, chaos, and scheming of The Challenge.”

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