The Circle Season 4 Cast Details!

The Circle, Netflix’s smash reality show, has returned for a new season, with a star-studded cast vying for the title of the most popular person on the show’s exclusive social media channel. This time around, the competitors in the Circle’s secluded residences all have some type of social media expertise, ranging from million-follower content creators to a known figures from previous seasons of the show.

There’s already a significant surprise if you haven’t seen it since the season debuted on May 4. Mel B and Emma Bunton(opens in new tab) of the Spice Girls dropped into the program as catfish with a specific mission to go undetected among the cast in the initial episodes of this season. The drop on May 11 indicates that the pop singers were successful, as the prize money for this season has been increased to $150,000, which will be awarded to one lucky winner.

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Meet All of The Characters from Season 4 of The Circle Below:


Crissa Jackson, 31, is portraying herself in the Circle, but she is keeping her real-life social media presence hidden. Under the nickname Ace, the basketball pro was the 13th woman to play for the Harlem Globetrotters, and she now has over 13 million followers on Tik Tok, where she still shows off her skills. She’s also an actress, model, and comedian who, with her wife, Alexis Bianca, operates a popular joint YouTube channel.

John a.k.a. Carol

John Franklin, 24, has spent his whole career as a content developer on social media, and he brings all of that experience to the first Circle catfish announced this season. With a game plan to acquire all of the players’ trust as #MommaCarol, the proud New Jersey native is playing his real mother Carol. He’s also a comedian and musician in real life.


Frank Grimsley, 28, works as a school social worker during the day and creates body-positive content in his spare time. He has an Instagram account fit for the show’s first Top Influencer, with fashion images and travel snaps from all around the world. The licensed therapist also has a terrific sense of humor, as evidenced by his sharing of his class’s reaction to his appearance on television.


Yu Ling Wu, 24, brings to the Circle her colorful, bold personality and fashion sense, as well as her marketing skills. She now works as a self-employed social media and brand marketing consultant in New York, as well as sharing breathtaking beauty looks on her Instagram and YouTube channel. She even scored a large influencer agreement as a Savage x Fenty ambassador before the concert.


In her profession as an assistant to sex therapist Dolly Josette and in the Circle, 27-year-old Alyssa Ljubicich is all about sex-positivity. The strategic player is also the social media advisor for Josette’s business Pleasure Muse(opens in new tab), and she worked as an advisor for Lance Bass’ production company, according to her LinkedIn. Her time at the company coincided with Bass’ assistant Lisa Delcampo’s stint on season 2 of The Circle.


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Josh Brubaker, a.k.a. Bru, is a 25-year-old country music radio DJ who has interviewed performers including Ed Sheeran and Carrie Underwood. The Detroit native also has a Tik Tok account with over four million followers, which led to him being recognized by another player (who couldn’t reveal anything for his own reasons). He usually uses Instagram to showcase photos from work events (including Oscar celebrations) and his adventures with his girlfriend Anna Star.

Alex a.k.a. Nathan

Alex Brizard, 28, is the season’s catfish strategist, and he, like the others on the show, has a lot of social media expertise. The Scottsdale commercial banker and self-described “Reality TV Fanboy turned Reality TV Player” spends his leisure time co-hosting the podcast Two Dudes Watch Cartoons, as well as live-streaming Pokémon games on Twitch. He’s taking on the role of Nathan, a non-threatening 22-year-old frat guy.


Eversen Bevelle, a late cast member, adds years of experience in the entertainment industry to the Circle. The entertainment host works for Carnival Cruises as a Cruise Director, where he is in charge of performances, and activities, and ensures that the cruise guests have a good time. He’s also a vocalist and a fitness fanatic, as evidenced by his numerous training photos on Instagram.

Trevor a.k.a. Imani

Trevor St. Agathe, 35, enters The Circle with an advantage: in a sense, he’s already won the game. The strength and conditioning instructor is none other than Delisa St. Agathe’s husband, who was the season 2 winner. Because he can’t come in as himself, the father of two dresses up as Imani and creates a new personality and narrative using Delessa’s friends’ images.

Parker a.k.a. Paul

Parker Abbott, 21, is a self-described party girl who hides her identity in the Circle by catfishing as a doppelganger of her own father, Paul. The Miami college student switches careers from real estate developer to marriage therapist, saying she has no idea what a developer does. She has real-life celebrity connections; the real Paul is “actively connected” with The Caitlyn Jenner Foundation, and her first Instagram post was a selfie with Kylie Jenner.


Rachel Evans, 29, has one of the nicest professions in the Circle, and she’s also had some reality TV experience. The paranormal researcher and regular commenter on the Travel Channel’s investigation series Paranormal Caught on Camera hail from Houston, Texas. She’s also the social media manager for Smosh, a funny YouTube channel, which should help her with her Circle game.