The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Release Date: All Episodes of This Season Scheduled

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Release Date: Popular television show The Cleaning Lady swiftly won over its fans after premiering. A second season has been eagerly anticipated since spectators were so intrigued by Élodie Yung’s never-ending attempts to rehabilitate her son’s health.

There have been numerous discussions on The Cleaning Lady’s upcoming third season, and many of the show’s viewers are eager to learn whether or not the series will soon be renewed. The third season of The Cleaning Lady will premiere in 2023, so viewers can finish season 2 at any time. This is what we do know:

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Release Date

Seasno3 has not received any updates. You can, nonetheless, undoubtedly unwind. Fox remained mum about whether or not there will be a season 2 as the previous season came to an end. The series finale aired on March 14, 2022, and on April 7, 2022, the renewal was announced. We might have to wait until January 2023 to see whether The Cleaning Lady will be renewed or canceled.

The Plot of The Cleaning Lady Season 3

Thony was once thought of as a prominent doctor, and she could never have imagined that one day she would mop floors. But when her son required a donor, she put everything else aside and flew to the location with him. In order to give her adequate time for surgery and recovery, she was granted a visa to another nation.

There were no alternative solutions available because the intended beneficiary declined to assist. Because her son would not have been proficient in another trip, the mom was unable to even obtain work at a hospital and instead remained in the country illegally. Thony first worked as a cleaner up until the bandits caught wind of her.

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Release Date

They discovered that she is knowledgeable in chemistry, which implies she has the ability to make any accidentally left evidence vanish. Even committing a crime will help a lady obtain bone marrow.

The Cast of The Cleaning Lady Season 3

The following actors are anticipated to reprise their roles in season 3

  • Elodie Yung as Thony De La Rosa
  • Adan Canto as Arman Morales
  • Eva De Dominici as Nadia Morales
  • Oliver Hudson as Garrett Miller
  • Liza Weil as Katherine Russo
  • Martha Millan as Fiona De La Rosa
  • Shiva Negar as Isabel Barsamian
  • Sebastien LaSalle as Luca
  • Valentino LaSalle
  • Sean Lew as Chris
  • Faith Bryant as Jaz
  • Navid Negahban as Hayak Barsamian
  • Ivan Shaw as Marco De La Rosa
  • Naveen Andrews as Robert Kamdar
  • Chelsea Frei as Maya Campbell

Schedule for The Cleaning Lady Season 3

3×01 Episode 1 June 19, 2023
3×02 Episode 2 June 26, 2023
3×03 Episode 3 July 3, 2023
3×04 Episode 4 July 10, 2023
3×05 Episode 5 July 17, 2023
3×06 Episode 6 July 24, 2023
3×07 Episode 7 August 7, 2023
3×08 Episode 8 August 14, 2023
3×09 Episode 9 August 28, 2023
3×10 Episode 10 September 4, 2023
3×11 Episode 11 September 11, 2023
3×12 Episode 12 September 11, 2023


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