The Day Before Gameplay, Trailer & Everything We Know So Far!

A third-person survival game set in a post-pandemic America plagued by zombie-like Infected and survivors battling for food, guns, and vehicles called The Day Before. You find yourself alone in a strange new world, with no memory of how you got there.

You start out to discover what happened and how to stay alive. Fntastic is creating the game, which will be distributed by Mytona on the Windows PC by the end of the year. Nothing about the release date has been made public as yet.

Fntastic “The Day Before” announcement came as a bit of a surprise to industry watchers, given the company is best known for “Dead Dozen,” “Radiant One,” and “The Wild Eight.” For its part, My Tona publishes largely mobile games that are free to play.

People are taking notice of “The Day Before,” however. An America devastated by flesh-eating virus-infected people and survivors killing each other for food, guns, and automobiles are described by MyTona as the setting.

Are these AAA titles, from which this new IP draws inspiration, strong enough to hold their own? There’s no telling what will happen. Meanwhile, this is everything we currently know about “The Day Before.”

The Day Before Release Date

FNTASTIC first announced The Day Before back on January 27, 2021. A gameplay trailer partnered with the game’s announcement, showing off the engine, mechanics, and other key features. In October 2021, the developers announced the game’s release date as June 21, 2022.

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According to the “Coming Soon” status on Steam and the release date disclosed by Fantastic on Jan. 27 of this year, the indie game “The Day Before” appears to be well along. Given that such a short period of time elapsed between the announcement and the debut, it is reasonable to assume that rapid progress is being made behind the scenes.

Fans of “The Day Before” probably won’t have to wait too long to learn more about the upcoming game. You may already add “The Day Before” to your Steam wish list if you’re interested in playing it when it comes out on PC exclusively.

We don’t know when the game will be available for additional platforms, or even whether there will be a beta test before the actual launch. In the meanwhile, there is hope for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S gamers.

There is no way we can get this game to your NES, but we’re looking at the next-generation systems,” Fntastic co-founders told Gaming Bolt. You’ll hear more about it when I make an announcement.”

And it was largely because of this trailer that the game received such a positive reception in the first place. Although some YouTube viewers expressed emotion about the final product’s quality and contrived nature, the teaser offered some intriguing suggestions as to what could be coming.

Players are shown fighting it out in an office while dodging zombies and strolling through an elaborately lit and weathered metropolis in the game’s introduction trailer. Relevant comedy references to pop culture and current events (the newspaper with headlines about billionaires getting richer and the “Winter Is Coming” joke!), and bits of snappy conversation is also included.

In order to prepare for IGN Fan Fest 2021, Fntastic released a 22-second teaser trailer on the same day as the announcement trailer.

The Day Before Gameplay

“You wake up alone in a world you no longer remember, going out to find answers and the resources to survive,” reads the official “The Day Before” description. As you scavenge cars, houses, and even buildings, you’ll have to deal with the infected and other gamers.

The game will have “realistic” weapons and “beautiful yet perilous” locations to explore. In addition to gunplay, you’ll meet survivors who are working to restore the world to its former splendour. Talk to other survivors and sell your loot in a survivor colony. Become a legend in the new world, your ultimate aim.

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IGN Fan Fest 2021 attendees also got a look at a combat gameplay clip from Fntastic and MyTona in addition to the official announcement trailer. Despite the player’s apparent demise, the video gave a sample of “The Day Before with stunning “‘s visuals and shooting mechanics before abruptly ending.

At this time, it’s unknown how Fantastic intends to handle player death and progression, or if all of the firefights will be thus brief.

The Day Before Drive your way to victory!

In “The Day Before,” players can employ a variety of vehicles to explore the expansive world. Vehicles, like other in-game systems, have both advantages and disadvantages. Players must keep an eye on their gasoline gauge when traveling around.

According to Fantastic founders Ed Gotovtsev and Aisen Gotovtsev in an interview with Gaming Bolt. To refuel, you must get out of the vehicle and use a canister to refill the tank of gas in your tank. In the same way, your vehicle may run out of petrol or break down at the most inconvenient of times.

Along with travel and exploration, they’ve stressed again and over again the importance of armored vehicles to the mission. If you’re in the driver’s seat, you have a wide range of options to choose from, depending on whether you’re a character or a player.

With every vehicle, off-roading has its own set of risks, including becoming stranded in mud, which would be a terrible and unseemly way to die in the midst of the Zombie Apocalypse

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The Day Before Trailer

“The Day Before announcement “‘s video is longer than usual, clocking in at just under five minutes and containing a significant amount of gameplay..

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Final Lines

In “The Day Before,” PvP has a significant part. According to Everyeye. it’s translation of a statement from the developers, “there will be no Dark Zone like in The Division.” Players from all over the world can randomly cross paths, and you have the choice of joining forces or going it alone.

While Fntastic seemed to hint that treating every player you encounter as a walking treasure factory is not always a good idea, the reasoning behind this is not quite clear.