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The Dragon Prince Season 4 Has Been Put On Hold Due To A Contentious Issue, Know Here

The Dragon Prince Season 4

With so much anime on Netflix, it should come as no surprise that so many people are viewing it. Programs that they have purchased the rights to aren’t fully original. However, Netflix’s original production, The Dragon Prince, is just as good.

The library’s offerings, which include Cowboy Bebop and Fullmetal Alchemist, are compared favourably to this one. The show’s makers put out new episodes at a quick pace, which helped to build a large fan base.

In 2018, the series premiered its first season on September 14. In February 2019, Season 2 of the show premiered, and Season 3 will debut on November 22, 2019. There are nine episodes in a season. That means, it aired 27 episodes in 2014 but what about the Dragon Prince Season 4? Continue Reading!

The Fourth Season of The Dragon Prince Has Been Put On Hold Due To A Contentious Issue-

That’s strange, considering how often the show is putting out new episodes these days. A decent reason may be found if you’re like me and your bed sheets unexpectedly catch fire in the middle of the night. Danika Harrod, a former Wonderstorm employee, has accused Aaron Ehasz, the developer of The Dragon Prince, of misogyny.

On November 6, 2019, she added her voice to the chorus of those who were complaining about Ehasz’s behaviour. Rhea Butcher claims that she was also given a particular position description under the guise of becoming “a lovely person” in the future. One of the reasons she left Wonderstorm was because of this, she alleges.

In such a situation, Netflix seems to take it very seriously. After a slew of sexual misconduct charges were levelled against him, House of Cards cast member Kevin Spacey was sacked. Possibly one of the reasons why The Dragon Prince Season 4 hasn’t been out yet is because of this. It’s Netflix’s decision now.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Characters-

The main characters has chances to be back in the Dragon Prince Season 4 are-

The Dragon Prince Season 4 trailer:

End Lines-

I truly hope Netflix doesn’t discontinue the Dragon Prince Season 4…. What do you think? Share your reviews with us!

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