The First Poster For Reborn Rich Song Joong Ki’s Revenge Drama Has Been Released

The First Poster For Reborn Rich Song Joong Ki’s Revenge Drama Has Been Released. We can look forward to seeing Song Joong-ki in a brand-new Korean drama. He’ll play the lead role in an ’80s-themed fantasy drama based on the novel Reborn Rich. The main character of Reborn Rich is Yoon Hyun-woo, the secretary of a wealthy chaebol family.

The series is directed by Jung Dae-Yoon, who also helmed the hit dramas. She Was Pretty and W, written by Kim Tae-hee and Jang Eun-Jae. In addition to Joong-ki, the cast features Lee Sung-min and Shin Hyun-been. The first poster for the next performance has been out, and it’s sure to get you pumped.

Reborn Rich Poster Out

The teaser features a family portrait of the Sunyang Group chaebol. The poster’s phrase, “Reborn as the lineage of the family that killed me,” provides a powerfully compelling differentiation of Joong-character.

Ki’s Song Joong-ki plays Yoon Hyun-woo, a character who tragically passes away after being falsely accused of embezzlement by the Sunyang Group family. Jin Do-Joon, the family’s youngest son, is reincarnated with vengeance on his mind.

About The Show

Lee Sung-min, meanwhile, will portray Jin Yang-Chul, CEO of Sunyang Group. Actor Shin Hyun-been will play prosecutor Seo Min-young in a drama about a team investigating corruption allegations. The show’s creators said, “The characters who suppress their passions face each other ferociously to achieve victory.”

The saga of individuals who struggle for power within their families will be fascinating. We settled on an atypical broadcast schedule, airing only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays to maximize viewer immersion. Please anticipate a high-quality project as our way of saying hello to viewers.

Reborn Rich Cast

Lee Sung Min is playing the role of Jin Yang Chul, the CEO of Sunyang Group, and his central character role. Because of his insatiable desire for wealth, he rose from poverty to become a significant player in the financial industry.

Shin Hyun Been will portray Prosecutor Seo Min Young. A member of a prominent legal family, she has sworn to combat corruption and is currently looking into allegations leveled against the Sunyang Group.

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