The Fourth Generation of K-pop Singers With the Best Vocal Abilities

Now that we have discussed the top fourth-generation rappers, dancers, and even makes, it is time to discuss fourth-generation vocalists. This is an unranked list that honors some of the top vocalists among K-Pop stars from the fourth generation.

Stray Kids Seungmin

Seungmin can sing anything memorable, making you want to bleed honey from your ears. He can also bark at the drop of a hat. His lovely and priceless singing has the power to impact listeners. You can hear his brimming emotions in every song he sings.


Since she was a little child, she has been renowned for her rich, robust, and powerful vocals (Where are they finding all these skills at such a young age? (Sigh) What am I doing with my life? She is a true gem in the business, and K-Pop is lucky to have her as a brilliant ambassador for her wonderful skills.

The Fourth Generation of K-pop Singers
The Fourth Generation of K-pop Singers

TNX Junhyeok

As we all know, everyone in TNX is an expert, but Junhyeok consistently shows that he is the group’s vocal expert. His voice, which is incredibly strong and forceful, never lets you down. Every time he sings, he expresses such intense feelings that they will capture anyone. If you haven’t already, you should start becoming a fan.

ATEEZ Jongho

Even when using his bare hands to try to halve an apple, Jongho can scream out some impressive notes. His singing always makes us feel like an angel is serenading us because of his solid and smooth voice.

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P1Harmony Keeho

You may recognize the head of P1Harmony as an aggressive, lively person on social media, but he is more than that. His voice is so rich, wholesome, and soulful. His unprocessed vocals are something you don’t see in K-Pop very often.


Only two months after her debut, Goeun’s vocals were recognized. Despite being a novice, her rich and elegant voice, control, and power astounded the audience.

The Boyz New

The vocal monarch of The Boyz never lets you down. Everything he sings is a gift to the listeners because of his soothing voice, which is very comforting and relaxing.

AB6IX Jeon Woong

His voice has an angelic quality to it. Is it just me, or does it force you to play his covers endlessly for two years since they are so powerful and sweet simultaneously?

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CIX Seunghun

This guy is divine. Even on this cover, you can hear how he is light and delicate but can suddenly erupt into passion and energy. His voice sounds simultaneously pleasant and elegant. A Seunghun solo album is not what the world needs right now. We wouldn’t be able to manage the skill.

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