The Glory Season 1 Ending Explained: Find Out What Happened in the K-Drama Sensation!

The Glory Season 1 Ending Explained: The idea of “an eye for an eye,” which Moon Dong-eun adhered to, kept her alive. Her quest for retribution and her memorable history are the main subjects of “The Glory.” When it came to her early years, Moon Dong-eun could only recall the suffering she endured as a result of the relentless abuse she was subjected to at the hands of a bunch of bullies.

She initially resisted submission and reported them to the police, but she soon came to the conclusion that they would never be punished because of their powerful backgrounds. She could only think about death at first, but later, she dreamed endlessly of the exquisite taste of retribution.

The protagonist of “The Glory,” a Korean drama series directed by Ahn Gil-ho and written by Kim Eun-sook, is a woman in her mid-thirties who is resolved to exact revenge on those who have wronged her. The eight episodes in part one of “The Glory” manage to maintain interest despite a few overly dramatic clichés.

The Glory Season 1 Ending Explained:
The Glory Season 1 Ending Explained

Who Are The Main Cast And Character In The Glory?

The narrator and star of the show is a schoolteacher named Dong-eun. She is preparing to exact everlasting retribution against weathercaster and erstwhile bully Yeon-jin when we first meet her (whose BFFs are Myeong-o, Lee Sara, Choi Hye-Jeong, and Jeon Jae-jun). She meets the dewy-eyed doctor Yeo-Jeong along the way, who is completely smitten with her and develops a close friendship with Yeon-attractive, jin’s wealthy husband, Do-Yeong.

What Is The Glory Plot Summary?

When asking her companions to check the temperature of the hot iron she was using on Dong-body, Eun Park Yeon-jin did not bat an eye. She wasn’t sorry for anything she said, and she was nasty. Dong-eun was chastised by her and her companions for having the audacity to complain about the bullying.

On Dong-body, eun’s fire scars were visible. The entire school was aware of the gang’s abuse of her, but they chose to remain silent. Because of her influential family, Park Yeon-jin knew how to get out of any sticky circumstances. She delighted in seeing her victims quiver and plead for forgiveness.

She gained a sense of control and power through bullying. Park Yeon-jin was the unofficial head of the group, but the others lacked empathy as well. They also selected the company of those who could assist them in achieving their goals because they were either wealthy or desired to be wealthy folks.

Therefore, when Moon Dong-eun had plans for getting back at Park Yeon-jin, she didn’t just want to ruin his life; she also wanted to damage the lives of everyone else in the group, including the teacher who had dared to hit her for speaking up against the injustice. From the moment Joo Yeo-Jeong started college, Dong-eun and she was destined to meet.

Although they were always in one other’s presence, they didn’t actually meet until they both ended up in the hospital. While Yeo-Jeong was carried to the hospital with minor injuries, Dong-eun passed out on the highway. Although Yeo-Jeong, a medical intern, offered to aid Dong-eun before she left the hospital, she was eager to get out of there.

She had burn marks on her hand, which he noted, and he subsequently discovered that she was anemic. Yeo-Jeong was drawn to her enigmatic nature the instant he laid eyes on her. He brought her the medication, and their shared love of Go served as a point of connection. They began tutoring her and spent all of their time playing Go outside under a tree.

When Dong-eun stopped seeing him after passing the National Teacher Qualification Examination, Yeo-Jeong found it difficult to move past these memories. But fate always brought them together in the strangest of ways. Even though Dong-eun had always known it was a waste of time to fall in love, she found herself pulled to Yeo-Jeong.

She had to make the decision to keep her distance from him, but if things had worked out differently, she wouldn’t have had to work hard to fall in love. Moon Dong-eun did not make the decision to seek vengeance hastily. It had been on her mind and in her plans for about 20 years.

She was aware of what each member of the organization was planning, and she only meant to act once she had enough information and evidence to bring them to justice. She could not afford to have any gaps in her strategy since she knew that the individuals she was dealing with were deadly and would stop at nothing to stop her.

The more she investigated the participants, the more contentious, damaging realities she discovered. She only needed to employ them at the appropriate time and location.

What Can We Expect From Part 2 of ‘The Glory’?

The details of how Dong-eun will use the information she gathered to fully destroy Yeon-jin and her pals will be revealed in Part 2 of “The Glory.” She will finally don green heels, which means Yeon-jin will fall under her control. Yeo-Jeong and their Dong-relationship eun’s will undoubtedly be examined, and we might see a larger variety of emotions from both characters.

The two will finally perish from the rage they have kept within them. Their lives had never been typical, and when they tried to envision a secure future, revenge always seemed to be the best option. “The Glory” part 2 has the potential to be an intriguing watch because there are many unanswered issues and the complete revenge plan still needs to be carried out.

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