The Irregulars Season 2: Possible Plot, Cast And What We Know?

Netflix has yet to confirm the existence of a second season of The Irregulars; therefore, no specific date has been set for its premiere.

As a result, we expect Netflix to begin production on the second season of The Irregulars as soon as possible to capitalize on the show’s success. Of course, the showrunner Tom Bidwell and the primary cast of The Irregulars are responsible for any changes made.

According to Production Weekly, the second season will begin filming in Liverpool in the summer of 2021, as reported by Newsweek.

Season 2 may or may not be in the works, as some cast and crew are now working on other projects. The Irregulars, on the other hand, is expected to return to television sometime in 2022.

The Irregulars Season 2: Is There A Trailer?

No, there hasn’t been a season 2 trailer released yet, and you’ll be the first to know when a new one comes out.

The Irregulars Season 2: What Will The Plot Be?

Following are spoilers for the first season of The Irregulars.

In terms of what the plot of The Irregulars might be, we don’t know yet. However, several unresolved plot points in the first season were not resolved by the time the final credits rolled.

In the first place, we don’t know if he’s still alive. For Bea and Jessie’s mother Alice, Holmes crossed over in the season 1 finale.

In the words of Alice, those who live in the afterlife are deceased. If spirits cannot be reborn or reincarnated, Sherlock is likely to have died when he met Alice.

It would be weird to have a show based on Sherlock without the character, so it’s not sure if he’ll ever return.

His death will particularly sadden John Watson, Sherlock’s longtime friend, and colleague, and it will be entertaining to watch when the excellent detective’s sidekick is missing in action.

After Sherlock’s death, either Watson can mope around 221B Baker Street or he can stand up to the plate and head The Irregulars.

Watson carrying on Sherlock’s legacy would be a nice touch for season 2, especially if new otherworldly threats emerge (more on this below).

Season 2 must resolve the on-again, off-again romance between Bea and Leo. Leo told Bea at the end of season 1 that they couldn’t have a relationship. By agreeing to wed Helena, Leo’s family was able to prevent Billy from being executed for murdering his ex-taskmaster Vic.

This is the princess he first met in episode 7, and he’ll have to fly to Europe to meet her in person if he wants to learn more about her.

While Leo has accepted that he and Bea will never be together, this will not end their story. Season 2 will have to start up where Season 1 left off to resolve this conflict.The Irregulars Season 2The second season of The Irregulars has to deliver on this one way or another.

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We come to the show’s otherworldly look and style to wrap things up. Jessie still has her Ipsissimus talents; thus, the Rip is not the only paranormal force at play in this reimagining of Sherlock’s universe.

Bidwell will have to show us what he has up his sleeve regarding the show’s antagonist and possible parallel universes.

A second season of the show has already been teased by Bidwell, although he refused to go into detail in an interview with The Radio Times.

As he put it, “We’ve got some ideas,” he added. With Leopold, Sherlock, Watson, the gang, and their love lives, there’s a lot of story possibilities for this show.”

Another list of creatures that we’ve been working on for years is on the table. It’s been an honor and a delight to work on such an exciting series.”

Season 2 of The Irregulars will be exciting because of the additional occult and mystical elements that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s source material and Bidwell’s original material will allow the show to explore.

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The Irregulars Season 2 Cast: Who Will Be Returning?

Season 2’s cast is still a mystery at this point. On the other hand, season 1’s core characters are returning, and the characters we’ve come to know and love will still be around after the show’s end.

As soon as casting announcements are announced, we’ll update this list with any new cast members.

Darci Shaw (Jessie)

JoJo Macari (Billy)

McKell David (Spike)

Thaddea Graham (Bea)

Harrison Osterfield (Leopold)

Royce Pierreson (John Watson)

As noted earlier, Henry Lloyd-Hughes’s return as Sherlock Holmes is still up in the air. Jonjo O’Neill as Mycroft, Nell Hudson as Leo’s older sister Louise, and Lisa Dwyer Hogg as Sister Anna are other possible returnees.

Season 2 is likely to introduce new characters, such as Clarke Peters’ aggressive Linen Man, who was murdered off in the first season.

The Linen Man’s son is one of the people that could show up. According to a Refinery29 report, the show’s antagonist referred to having a son in the season 1 finale.

Like the Linen Man and Jessie, the series’ villain claims that his child is an Ipsissimus. When Jessie and her son had offspring of their own, the Linen Man hoped they would pass on their heritage and rule over the globe to their descendants.

If the Linen Man’s son is the season 2 villain, it will provide a link between the first and second seasons. For the Irregulars to face a new significant foe, they’ll need one who can take on Jessie.

There are no actual specifics about any new characters, adversaries or otherwise, on the horizon for the time being.The Irregulars Season 2Read more:-

The Irregulars Season 2: Does It Deserve Another Outing?

Yes. That being said, we weren’t overly enamored with the first season. Despite its flaws, we found the first episode of the TV show to be a decent Sherlock adaption that could have worked better as a standalone series.

The Irregulars can, of course, correct their mistakes. First-season jitters are inevitable in any TV show, and some original shows have to get their feet under them before they can take off in subsequent seasons.

The Irregulars had some pacing issues, exposition slips, and soap opera characteristics, but its ensemble and spooky take on the Sherlock mythos made it shine.

When a TV show leans more toward the latter than the former, it has a better chance of making it through the second season and possibly even a third.

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