The Judge On The Old Arrest Papers Is The Same Judge Who Is In Charge Of The Current Case Against The Alleged Club Q Shooters

Denver Springs, Colorado (KKTV) – Judge Michael McHenry of the Fourth Judicial District authorized Anderson Lee Aldrich’s arrest in 2021.

The public cannot access those documents. What transpired and whether charges were dropped in order for the case to be sealed are still unknown. According to legal experts, the judge overseeing a case has the authority to seal and unseal documents.

Aldrich allegedly threatened to carry out mass bombs and shootings while holding family members at gunpoint, according to the arrest paperwork that 11 News acquired. You can see a complete analysis of the papers here.

According to the paperwork, McHenry raised Anderson’s bond due to, quote, “Anderson’s homicidal words, actions, possession of firearms, and bomb-making ingredients. The bond was increased and set at $1 million by Judge McHenry.

Aldrich is currently being held on 305 charges related to the shooting at Club Q, which left five people dead and more than 25 injured.

The judge named on the most recent court filings is McHenry, who spoke with the suspect in court on Tuesday.

To find out why the 2021 case was sealed, 11 News is investigating. According to the district attorney’s office, it is not permitted to comment on closed cases because, under law, they do not exist after they are closed.

In addition, 11 News is attempting to find out how judges are assigned to cases and whether there is a link to Aldrich’s arrest in 2021.

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